Drums from various hit songs...Justin Beiber / Future / Beyonce


Hi Peeps

What I’m about to show you is probably a one in a million offering, something only industry insiders/engineers have access to.

I’m selling drum samples that have come from various hit records, hot off of the SSL desk(s). These samples have been traded / exchanged over the years from various different studio engineers (the ones who actually do the work).

As further proof, I’ve decided to upload some of the individual drum hits from Ciara - Wake Up No Make Up


Hat Roll:


Clap Reverb:

Why am I selling you ask? Most of these kits have been a guarded secret, traded only between studio engineers. I’m doing this to help the serious producer among you, to accelerate their production process with ready to use drum sounds.

These drum sounds have been eq’d and compressed by some of the industry’s biggest engineers, they have been used on various hit billboard songs and continue to do so.

Believe me when I say, you will never have to buy any other drum sample pack again.

Asking price for the whole bundle is $300, I will only be selling to 10 people. I have also advertised on other forums. Total size is around 2GB.

Sadly, I tried selling this for the first time about 6 months ago. The first person that I sold to did a paypal chargeback after downloading all the drums. Long story short, he lost the dispute (he tried to cheat me), and had his Paypal account terminated. It was quite an unpleasant experience, so this time i’ve decided to use Sellfy to further protect myself.

My sellfy verificaiton is still pending, I will post the link once verified. If you’re interested post here or send me a PM in the meantime to secure your slot.


Engineer X