Email Integration - Free Downloads


Hi there, so far it’s been a pleasant journey with airbit, thank you guys!

I’m trying to wrap my head around how I will handle free downloads and email-collection.

I don’t really like that email addresses from folks who download free beats end up in the same email list as customer email addresses. (I’m using aweber)

What if I offer free downloads in exchange for a social follow? Does Airbit collect the email address of those downloads as well and saves it to the downloadable .csv?

I would really like to see two things with integrating email:

  1. A better API integration to be able to send emails to different lists or a way to use custom fields/tags to start different campaigns for customers and leads.

  2. Stats for free downloads to see which beats are getting downloaded for free.

Thanx, Hendrixon (SoulFyah Productions)


Hi @SoulFyah, thanks for your feedback - I’m glad to hear you’re mostly enjoying your experience.

Exchanging beats for a social follow does not record their email address - this can only be recorded if expressly requested & given.

Regarding the separate lists; this is not currently possible, but something we are aware would be useful - this could become a feature in the future.

And you can access a csv file containing the email addresses you’ve recorded in Dash > Beats > Free Downloads > Download (or Settings > Selling Preferences > Download Customer Data, for emails from sales)


Hey @EllisHouslin , thank you for your reply. I just got another question regarding youtube content ID:

I read somewhere in the forum that this is a feature that will be coming soon in the future.

However, I’m actually checking out cause they offer a content ID feature with DIY whitelisting for client’s channels.

I’m on a free-month-test-account there and it would be a great timing now to know when this feature will be rolled out on airbit?

Thank you for your help,
Hendrik /SoulFyah


You know you can segment with aweber you can also create miltiple lists and landing pages


@sontwisted thanks for the reply, yeah sure I know this, but in airbit you can only select one list for both, customers and free downloaders. So they all get signed up to that one list first, and the rest I would have to do manually.
And I can’t start a dedicated follow-up series or campaign for each group separately.
Just talking subscribers coming from the airbit integration.