Embed on facebook page; Create beat store tab?


Hey Im looking for help with integrating the beat player into my facebook page. Can you send me instructions on how to do the following (if possible)

  1. embed beat player in facebook post on my page (I’d like to pin the post with the embedded player to the top of my page)

  2. I tried to add a beat store tab using airbit app but I get the following error:

URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.

Please help!



Hi @flyguyj, we’re actually having some issues with Facebook integration at the moment - sorry about this. It’s on a list of things to be addressed and we hope to have it up and running again soon

Sorry again for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience whilst we address this


I suggest this is top of the To Do list!


Has this been resolved since, please?


Hi @BobbyHummeln

The issue has been resolved. However to successfully setup the Airbit tab on your facebook business page, you must have 2000 likes on your page (facebook condition).

For any other inquiries, please let us know.