Facebook Pages: Like My Page & I Will Like Yours


Yeah I’ve hit everybody with that Like - but Londinium_Productions just wanted to let you know that those 2 links u just dropped aren’t working - not for me anyway - I got you from the 1st links u left but these are just redirecting to my FB Home page - Also if anyone also wants to link up on my FB profile you can hit me up here :



good shout cchoke, thanks 4 that, dunno wot i did there???

but the londinium page:

my artist page:




Hit the last few people up. Once again, thanks to everyone who returned the favor.


Aight imma start hitting everybody up…

Hit me up too…

if I missed anybody let me know…


So some of you I had to like with my other account cause FB is being a sniveling sack- and wont let me like anything from my TEKNODROME account so I liked all the pages with my Rob Clark account. It has Mailbomb Records in the profile pic. Thanks!


luvin the unity keep it goin,

as more ppl r joining n to avoid confusion if you hitting ppl up with ur profile make sure u let every1 on this know which facebok PAGE u want the favor returned on just like TEKNODROME did.

nino, do u have a page u want liked? the link is to ur profile.


Wuz good Londinium, yeah sorry bout that im kinda new to facebook. The page I would like people to “Like” is


it wouldn’t let me get my URL until i had 25 “Likes” or sumthin like that… Thanks Bro



Aight I think I hit everybody up but like I said if I missed anybody just holla at me… Now hit me up lol


I Just liked all of your guys pages! Hopefully you’ll return the favor cuz I’d really like my own URL :slight_smile:



Got everyone on the re-up. Hit me up if you haven’t already:



Once again! ) I like everybody new again) Here is my page to LIKE )) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alegal/115085478582084?sk=app_79482449955


I’ve liked the majority pf pages on here, to some who I have not liked its only /c I cant verify if you’ve liked my page, if you have and i have not liked yours post it on my wall…



I’ve just reached 1000+ Lieks on my facebook page. Thanks to everybody here at MFS for support, if i haven’t liked your page yet, and you’ve liked mines let me know by posting on my wall, I RETURN ALL LIKES I SEE!!! http://www.facebook.com/itskotic

K-OTIC REACHES 1000+ Likes On Facebook




Just stopping by again for a re-up:


And I just dropped a free beat tape on August 1st if anybody wants to drop a few words or leave some feedback:


I did post on your wall you still haven’t like me back.Whats up?
Theres no time like the present. lets getter done ! I liked you under the name "Sence Say"


Your turn to show love look for Sence Say in your likes.I m there.



Hey Everybody
This my facebook artist site http://www.facebook.com/pages/lukas_lbr-C-Studio-Prodakszyn/235446206468981. Please click like it. I just clicking like of your pages.



The new URL if anyone has yet to hit me up:


If I passed you up, let me know.