Facebook Pages: Like My Page & I Will Like Yours


Will do.


I got everyone before this post…be sure to hit me back @

and my other page @


okay i got liked the ones i was missing… Hit me…




like it and I’ll like it back!


once again to any and everybody who has liked my page please post it on my fb wall its hard to keep track in this thread and a lot of you guys dont post which page you liked my page from.

Everybody knows i’ve returned the favor if you’ve liked my page and will continue o do so…

lets keep this organized and helpful

god bless


BassixBeatz wrote:


like it and I’ll like it back![/quote]

Got you…hit me back


Hey I just hit You. If I have forgotten hit “like it” on somebodies page just leave me message. Peace.


Anybody I missed, let me know.



That’s a big 10-4


Hey You missed me.


BassixBeatz wrote:

I got you, bro. Hit me back whenever.


done. Like my page @ and go to Alfred Charles, Jr.'s page and go to IDN Beats by qdoo and peep my beats or hear them on this site. And of course lets be friends. Peace.


‘Julio Beats’ in search bar in FB (notsure what the link is, I couldnt get the one to work)

Think I got at most of you, let me know how I’m doing as far as reaching a selling point.


sorry i’ve bin away, but have just hit up all u new arivals but so far only 1 hit back from julio so hit me up ppl https://www.facebook.com/pages/Londinium-Productions/185739144799752

hit my artist page as well n i’ll hit u back with a like from that 1 as well when u do https://www.facebook.com/pages/Strait-Talkin-ST/155022807861586

try n use ur page not profile or let every1 know on this or wit a wall post wot ur hitting up with n where u want the hit back, coz like koitc said this is gettin a bit messy again.

but good looking out ppl! lets support each other.





I’m going to the page now. Check for Deuce Anthony Productions, LLC on Facebook when u get a chance…


Just stopping by on the re-up.


Thanks to all those who hit me up. Good lookin out.


Already… stop by my page and show sum luv and keep Creative Music Going Strong


My Facebookitskotic wrote:

[quote]Whats up Myflashstore and fellow producers and artist lets continue to help each other grow by ADDING each other and hitting the LIKE button on each others pages. More people that like or add your page WILL increases who you can market and promote to.

So I’m willing to exchange Likes & Adds with any of my fellow Myfalshstore producers…

Like my page and leave a wall post on my page WITH YOUR PAGE LINK & I’m returning the love…


Im just liked yours… please return the favour!

My Facebook


J-Sing wrote:

[quote]Like: Swag House Ent. on Facebook!

Just like yours… hook me up

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