Feel Like Teaching Others?



I own and run a blog about making beats with DAWs. It was popular back in the day but due to a lack of time and knowledge I haven’t been able to update it in nearly a year.

I’m great at online marketing, making beats - not so much.

Looking for someone who knows their stuff that wants a platform to spread their knowledge. You’ll be writing about music theory, reviewing software and beat making tips/tutorials. Recording videos for tutorials is a major bonus.

What you’ll get in return:

Learn online marketing - SEO, Youtube (getting views), FB, etc. This is what i’m good at.

You’ll be the face of the blog - You’ll have your own profile which you can use to sell yourself and tell visitors to subscribe to your soundcloud, FB, twitter, whatever.

$$$ - Once the blog starts getting 100+ visitors we’ll look at ways on monetizing it. I already have a few good ideas and we’ll split everything 50-50.

Got no doubt that with regular quality content the blog will reach 100+ in a few months.

So in other words, i’m basically looking for a partner. I have decided not to go down the path of paying people to write articles for me because I have found that the quality sucked, they were writing for the money and not cause they wanted to.

P.s. PM if interested.


i am interested. i like helping people :slight_smile:


Can I read some of the blog posts you already have made?


Im a producer . lets do this !



Cheers for all the replies! Looking good so far :slight_smile:


I have never taught anyone and that’s good. I think I am a bad teacher because I was a bad student. I often used https://edureviewer.com/tutoring/wyzant-com-review/ for ordering essays to improve my grades