Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting


We want the forum to be a fun and engaging community, and for that to happen we need to set some ground rules and give general guidance to keep the posts relevant and increase engagement.

We’ll be updating this post more and more as times goes on, so for now here are the golden rules

  1. Don’t advertise your beats
    This is a producer forum and if everyone was advertising their beats it would be a pretty boring community to be around. If you want to post your beats, we’ve created a dedicated Self Promotion category where posts do not appear in the main feed and those interested can browse at their leisure.

  2. Post in the correct category
    There’s a category for most subjects so please think carefully about the category you are posting in before just shoving everything in the General Discussion category. This helps your posts get discovered when people searching through the forum for a particular subject.

  3. Be specific when asking for feedback
    Feedback on your production is a great way to hear other people’s perspectives and improve your craft, but you must be specific. Creating a post asking for feedback on all your beats it’s quite an ask from someone, it’s too general and your more likely to get constructive feedback if you ask a specific question. For example - “I created this beat called…, my challenges were… how could I improve my…”. This is much more specific than “Please give me feedback on my beats” and is more likely get good constructive responses - that’s what you want right?

  4. Search for marketing tips before making new posts
    There are are huge amount of resources already on the forum, especially to do with marketing and making money from selling beats. Do a search before making a new post and if you can’t find what your looking for then create a new post. Just like point #3 - be specific and don’t just ask “How do I make money from beats?” or “How do I get traffic to my website” - there are so many resources in this forum that answer those questions, the more specific you are the more likely you’ll get a response.

  5. Be kind
    By all means constructive criticism is welcome but we like to keep this form friendly and we’re not here to fight.


U guys are not responding to post or comments right now. Wat seems to be the problem