Free beat link before double opt in


Hey guys!

I’m trying to build a mailing list and made my first free beat.
But when the email address is entered, Airbit sends the link automatically , before the double opt in is completed.
So you can download the beat without subscribing. :confused:

Any ideas? :face_with_monocle:


Hi @VictaBeats, great to hear you’re working to build your list. This is how the email exchange works - the customer gets the free download, and then has the option to join your list, they’re not forced to join before getting the beat.

However, whether they choose to join your list or not, you do still get their name and email address - these can be downloaded as a CSV file in Beats > Free Downloads > Download.

The social downloads work differently, in that they are made to follow/subscribe to you before they get the free download.