Free download/maillist


Hey guys,

How do people join the maillist when they never have to add their email before or after downloading Free?

Thanks for help


Hey @Alchemizt, if you are not using email exchanges for free downloads then they won’t be added as you won’t receive their email address at any point. We allow people to choose whether they want to increase their social followers or their email list - you can’t do both in one download


Yes I know :wink: that’s why I choose the email option. I tried it on my own and I never had to add anything…of course I was signed in and that’s why it can use my mail but how does it work for foreign costumers?


The first time they download from you they will have to enter their email address. The beat will then be emailed to them. After that they won’t have to give it again. They will also be sent an opt in email, asking if they want to join your list.

You can also download email addresses in a CSV file by going to Dash > Beats > Free Downloads and clicking the download button on the right. So you will gain their email address even if they don’t choose to opt in, but it won’t be automatically added to your list


Ah okay … thanks for replying so fast!


Can I also see, who downloaded which beat/beats?


Unfortunately it doesn’t currently show which beats have been downloaded, but this is something we may introduce in the future