Google ads tracking issue


I had a discussion with Ellis from Airbit about the Google Analytics feature. I switched from Beatstars a few days ago, I don’t regret it but I had a big disappointment though.

After almost twenty hours of Google Analytics tutorials and a lot of trial and error, I can now say for sure that the tracking feature of the embedded players is flawed (the Airbit profile player is tracking everything properly though). Here are the issues I’ve noticed, their origin and a easy improvement that would be up to Airbit tech guys to implement (and I’d like to say the issue is even worse on Beatstars):

1-When you land on a page with the player embedded on it, the actions on the player can’t be linked to your Google Ads campaign. Google Ads conversions (and any other advanced eCommerce actions) can’t be properly detected because of this, so they don’t appear in Analytics either. It means you can’t track which of your ads generate sales.

2-On your website, if you have another Google Analytics script collecting data to the same Google Analytics property as the player (same tracking ID), your session count is doubled if the user touches anything on the player. Any interaction with the player is counted as a new session with an origin wrongly stated as “referral” (which means a link from an external site)

These two issues are not normal behavior and have the same origin: the player is embedded on an iframe without anything being done to take this fact into account when collecting the data.

I’ll explain for those of you who don’t know what it is: the iframe is seen by the Analytics script as if it was an external site because it somewhat is indeed: the host page (producer’s homepage most often) and the Airbit player aren’t located on the same domain, which is the origin of the problem since Analytics initiates a new client ID (tracking reference of a given user/visitor) for each domain name.

There is a way to prevent google from generating a new client ID called domain linking, it would solve both of the issues I mentioned above, unfortunately, it could only be done with some tweaking of the code on Airbit’s side.

I just wanted everybody to be aware of this issue and maybe ask Airbit technicians if they would consider improving the platform by solving this for us. Allowing us to access the tracking possibilities of the player via a snippet we could insert in Google Tag Manager could also be a way to get things done, cross domain tracking can be implemented this way too. It would also solve another minor issue: multiple instances of GTM in my case since I use it on my whole website with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel codes.