Has AnyBody Tried The Linux Ubuntu OS?

So, I got this new laptop from a friend of mine at school for only $100 today. Its only a year old and its pretty freaking sweet.

Since, I am majoring in computers and networking at school I was able to score this laptop at a steal. It previously had Win7 but due to a virus caused by Limewire from the previous owner, it was left with a wiped out hard drive.

I was working on this pc for my friend and told her I could reinstall the OS if she had the legit instillation CD. Well, she didn’t have and didn’t want the laptop back because she would have had to pay $120+ for a new OS.

So I got the laptop and installed a Linux based OS called Ubuntu. Boy, oh boy this puppy is freaking slick!

It’s a free OS system by the way but it works a lot faster and smoother than Windows anyday! It’s built on the same platform as a MAC OS which is Linux so it’s very similar to a MAC in features.

I figured this laptop will be great for chilling out on the couch and just spending the day networking with artists and sending emails and other more productive things.

This will make it more productive for me because I can get out of the studio and wont be distracted by my keyboard and DAW.

If you all get a chance you can take a tour of the Operating System via the web through the link below… the tour lacks some of the cool features the actual installed OS has but you can get the idea…

Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

Good find!

I’ve only used Linux a little bit but I’ve seriously considered using Ubuntu as a file server platform. I’ve had friends since highschool that have raved about a couple different free Linux platforms but never tried it myself.

Well for me it was a score. I got a year old laptop with 320gb, 4gb of ram expandable to 8gb, a built in webcam and microphone, dual core processor w/ 2.3 ghz power, all for just $100 along with a very minimal but productive FREE OS.

That’s more than enough for me, being that I wont be doing nothing but using it to browse the web, a few gimp graphics projects (which comes standard with ubuntu), skype calling for business and collaboration purposes, sending emails, and networking with artists at the same time im watching tv. mainly Im making this a business based laptop.

This will increase my productivity 10x fold since I wont have the temptation of screwing around with my keyboard when I should be emailing artists and networking.

I get distracted so this is perfect for me. Lol. I was going to end up buying a new laptop anyway so im pretty happy. The only downfall of it is, it needs a new battery. It holds a charge for about an hour and half then it needs to get back on the charge but hey buying a new batter isn’t that bad. Not like i need it anytime soon. I can deal with it for now.

It would be interesting to us Ubuntu as a file server. Im going to have to look into that.

I try Linux before but it want install certain programs unless you use the program call wine …I like it for its cool screen styles like the cube you can flip the screen

Yeah, I know about Wine, which is pretty cool. I wouldn’t use it for production but for what Im using it for it works quite well.

I think its much faster than Windows, and since I cant afford an Apple Macbook this will have to do lol.

This flip screen feature is dope. It allows for better organization and multitasking.

Yea I may end up doing the same thing you did! I’ve used Ubuntu for a long time, and want to get a used laptop with Ubuntu just for those business purposes!


I was also suffering from the same issue but I have seen one of the most important thing about ubuntu that is more reliable than any other operating system but this fact put us in worry.

also I have change my battery also changed my OS but nothing happened can you please let me know what is the reason behind it and how we can fix it,.

Thanks alot.

Blockquote It is awesome but I have a few questions regarding these issues why these issues are raising after some time? is there any possibility to handle these issues?