Have you ever developed something?

Have you ever made you own website or app, maybe even game? Tell more about this experience. I start - i used to create several simple games and one app. Then i got bored with that.

No, I only ordered a Magento-based website from MageCloud once. I needed an online store for my small business, so I ordered such a site. MageCloud managed 100%.

Never. But like Xiander I bought a website. But unlike Xianders I’d recommend you read something before buying a website. This way you’ll at least get the basic understanding of what you want and not what their sales manager wants to sell you. I’d recommend to start here and read few other articles on the website https://merehead.com/blog/taskrabbit-website-clone-build-website-like-taskrabbit/

I made my own website with the help of WordPress, I found no difficulty to build it even I didn’t know the single-use of this. But Wordpress’s easy-to-use formation helped me a lot.