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Hello Producers,

My name is Beatrixx and I’m fairly new to myflashstore. I’ve been working on marketing lately and I’m wondering if anyone has some things they could share in terms of marketing strategies.

Currently, I’m testing out facebook ads, instagram ads, twitter analytics. Most successful in terms of driving traffic to my website has been twitter and slowly I’m building up my email list. But am curious if anyone is using any SEO strategies that could give me a fews tips as I am researching this area of marketing.

Also here are my links if anyone wants to give some critique on my beats or branding. I did the websites myself so I need some tips on how to make the sites better ( I know they need some work)

website :
studio website :
myflashstore :
youtube :

Thank you for your time.


Email me at Ill send you some free ebooks and guides… They will truly help


Yeah in order to get success in your online business you must have a good marketing strategy. I also have been relying on the facebook ads management services for my blog’s promotions and have been getting good results. Now I am going to hire their Instagram marketing service too from this team.


Hey man!

Young Lepa here. I have used SEO strategies in order to get more traffic to my website but it’s not that effective, unless you are very good at it. I would focus more on these steps

  1. First building relationships with artists on social media and selling beats and custom beats to them
  2. Building a customer base that is big enough
  3. Using email marketing in order to convert customers into returning/long term customers
  4. Using paid traffic and email marketing (easy to scale, not relying on any platforms)

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Young Lepa


Check out some blogs on goodle about music marketing strategies like this one:


For creating your marketing strategy you should consult the experts as your business will largely get benefit if the marketing is effective. You can try out various online methods like PPC, SEO and paid social media ads. The facebook ads management services from an expert team can help you achieve your target.