Help - what is your opinion


Hey guys

I think I will Change my producer name. Back in the days when I decided to name myself “Alchemizt BEATZ” I haven’t thought about the legendary Alchemist. (Alchemizt fits perfect to me because I am a chemist). I want to avoid the misapprehention about the name.
But now I want you to give me an advice. Should I delete all my YouTube videos and re-upload them with my new producer name etc or just don’t give a damn about it and “only” upload the actuell stuff.
My channel is pretty small and I would “only” lose 35k views in total. But still… We talk about 90 beats, 90 new voice tags and so 90 new videos.

Pro: consistency in look
Contra: big effort to receive the look without knowing if costumers care about it

What do you think?


i wouldnt change anything