Help with Contracts and Licenses


Hi, sorry if this question has been answered before but I just can’t seem to find it. I have the free account atm, I was just wondering if you upgrade your account can you have more licenses. Because you can only make 3 on top of the 2 mandatory ones you get (Non-Exclusive & Exclusive). I want to know if you upgrade, can I change Non-Exclusive to Standard and also add more like Premium, Unlimited, Synchronisation, Background and Free DL/Demo.

Also when customers do purchase is there a contract what is sent to them or something like "upon purchasing you agree to the terms & conditions/license and it is sent to them with the beat.



You cannot change the Non-Exclusive or Exclusive names, but you can disable them and add 3 custom licenses of your own. Do note that if you disable the Non-Exclusive license - your beats won’t be available for sale in the Marketplace. Also our stores currently don’t have the feature to allow free downloads.

The contracts are sent after purchase as they are customised with the beat names, customer name and order number - and they are delivered in PDF format to the customer after purchase.

Hope that helps.


Are the contracts already pre written or do we have to write one up for each individual song we own and or sell?
Where can I read an example of a contract at?


Where do people check terms and conditions box during a purchase? I acted like I was buying my own beat through paypal and didnt see an agreement box. Does this come later after purchase?


I’ve tried to buy my own beats just to see how it works, and i notice that on the license agreement contract doesnt appear the name of the beat, instead it appears “BEAT NAME”. Is this only appearing beacause im trying to buy my own beat? If not ,this is a major issue guys