Honestly...how are beat sales going for you this year vs. last year?


I’m gonna be completely honest and transparent with yall. Last year I was killin’ it on beat sales but this year there seems to be an extreme decline in beat sales in the overall market. Even the big name producers that I know who were doing 10K a month, this year are lucky if they do 2 or 3K a month. Don’t get me wrong, 3K a month is no joke but that’s more than a 50% decrease vs. previous years. Personally, I think that every since beatstars came on to the scene there has been a huge increase in producers selling beats online to an already very limited market. The other trend I see is artists getting beats off of YouTube because artists can easily rip MP3s right from beat videos, put that shit in a DAW, find the loop point and completely remove the tag.

That’s just my theory but what do yall think? Have you seen a decline in your beat sales this year?


I’m always seeing Airbit & Beatstars mention that each month overall sales are more than the previous month.

Beatstars even states on specific days when sales records have been broken.

None of the top selling guys post on here so it’s really hard to a general sense of what’s reallu going on.


Lol. I don’t know about everybody else but I just had my best month last month! 3k+ in sales. My income has steadily increased since october! If you’re business is going down that means you have not build a sustainable business model honestly. It may be time to get a new strategy.

I just made a forum post detailing my success check it out at I hit $3000 + in sales last month! (VIDEO)


Word? That’s quite impressive bro. Definitely gonna peep out your blog post on how you did it.