How can I get more sales?


I been promoting my beats on line and real world but barely sold…I don’t know my quality of beats are not good…

Any advices would help me!


hey man i feel ya it aint as easy as we’d like it to be! sign up for the free newsletter on this site to really get you going in the right direction. I think the most important thing im learning is you have to really look at selling beats as a business. one of the best ways of promoting your music is advertisements. google adwords is the best kind of online advertising you can find, you just gotta learn how to use it!


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Advertise, advertise and advertise.

Use social networks such as twitter, facebook, youtube, soundcloud…

Take your time.




Hey bro, check this out and see if it’s something you’re interested in. The first video explains the idea & the second is a demonstration of it. Direct message me for any questions about it bro! This is legit. After spending a whole year without sales, finally got one the other day after only being part of this for 3 weeks. It’s got a great marketing concept for selling beats.

Message me with questions about this bro! It’s at least worth checking out as a fellow producer :wink:

-Adam Galloway “Aquatic Beats”


Whats good Fam??

The first thing that I would suggest before spending a dime is to increase your catalog.
With a larger variety/catalog you will increase the opportunity for potential buyers
to find something that may suit them. Try a plan out a course of action, make realistic
goals and most importantly be patient. If you work hard at it, put content out
often and build relationships you will definitely increase your networth.

BTW - I like the track Citylife on your player


“If you are serious about your business” you have a spot at the beat selling squad !!! you are more than welcome here once you sign up you have acces to the secret facebook group wich we share a lot of marketing strategies and other sources of income not just selling beats online … this is better than any how to sell beats online course the choice is up to you… see you on the other side…

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SEO plays a key role, then artists who are looking for beats can come to you and you can focus on basic principles of advertising and centre your attention on more content

  1. Promote/Advertise 80% of the time and work your craft 20%!
  2. Take advantage of social networking sites!
  3. Make a simple, but yet eye catching “Squeeze Page” to build you mailing list
    and Etc…
    Those are just some basic things!


This has been a tough thought for me as well from time to time.

I’m barely getting more of the results that I’ve been seeking for, and it all comes down to one thing - Public Relations (PR); The art of how well you can connect with others at a intimate/personal level.

This has been a struggle for me since day 1, due to the fact I’ve always been a shy guy; But once I started breaking out of my comfort zone and truly attempted to know others better, others started taking more interest in me, which subsequently led to subliminal networking.

The concept is to be genuine with yourself and with others; To truly take interest in their personal pursuits and stimulate ideas of how the both of you can help each other.

When you “get the ball rolling” with meeting and taking interest in new people, the next phase is to learn how to manage the people in your life, starting with the ones that are most important to you - family. Don’t forget your roots, because that’s the foundation from where everything starts to grow from.

As they say, Word of Mouth is the most effective marketing tool … AND IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

As far as internet marketing & networking, I have yet to learn myself. Despite that fact, I believe the main concepts still remain pointing at Public Relations (PR) as its core value.

Hope This Helped,

Mark l Mach Keys
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Im looking to build more sales as well. I must say I’ve gotten alot of feedback from posting on facebook,IG,twitter & google+. Now as for making sales, I believe Im on the right track to making more of those. But havent really made alot

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Just keep grinding and marketing your brand. You should be using most of your time marketing on social media, popular rap sites, forums, and more.


Totally agree. Digital marketing plays a huge role nowadays. You can significantly increase your sales flow by learning one the main channels like email marketing. Reply has made a great list of more than 450+ sales tools which you may find here Wish you more income)