How Can I Protect My Site?

I’m a novice programmer and I need some advice

You can buy certificate ssl. These certificates show the level of protection of your site and if your site is very poorly protected, they will help you with this. If it turns out that your site is secure, you will get a certificate for your site, that is, you will have a green lock near the URL and users will be sure that this site will not lose their personal data.

yes i check this site but i have also little bit confuse about the ssl we need to buy ssl certificate it will br protect all the unknows sources to our site. one ssl is enough to mine all site?

you should use secure SSL of cloudflare. And try to avoid the use of crack plugins. Also install Spam protect plugin Akismet .

I am also created a new site on and I am also using Akismat plugin to avoid spam. This really works and I have a good experience by using this plugin.