How do I add a voicetag?


A voicetag is a personalised audio snippet that is used to tag (watermark) your beats to protect against unauthorised use. A voicetag most commonly consists of someone repeating the producers name every 20-30 seconds but you can personalize your voicetag however you see fit.

Once a voicetag is uploaded, all new beats added will have a tagged version automatically generated by our system. Our system will mix and loop your voicetag with your untagged MP3 to create a new Tagged MP3 which is used for streaming on your stores. All this is done using our free Autotag feature.

Here are a few pointers on making a successful voicetag;

  • The voicetag is looped over the beat, and there is no time delay between loops. So when making a voicetag, leave about 20-30 seconds of silent audio after or before the actual voice tag.
  • The voicetag must be in MP3 format
  • You may need to experiment with the volume of the voicetag until it sounds reasonable mixed with your beats

To add a voicetag to your beats, follow these steps

  1. Login to your account and goto Dashboard -> Settings -> Voicetag
  2. Drop your voicetag into the dashed box, or click inside the box to choose your file
  3. Once the voicetag has been uploaded, you will be able to preview it by clicking the play button. You can also delete the voicetag by clicking [Delete]
  4. You can then use Autotag to create tagged versions of all your beats with this tag

Introducing Autotag
Voice Tag problem continues
I need help changing my Autotag
I need help changing my Autotag

How can I make it where it plays every 30 sec? It plays every 3 sec and it kinda annoying


Hi @philgrandmusic if you open the tag in your music editing software you can add silence before or after the tag for as long as you want, and this will determine often your tag is heard


Hey there, I’m trying to change my auto tag. Although I added the new auto tag, it didn’t replace the old one. The old one is what keeps playing every time the beats play in the player. Is there a way you can help me please.


Hi @LegacyAxial. After adding your new voicetag you then need to run the Autotag again to replace the existing tagged beats.

So head back to Beats > My Beats > Display All > Select All then choose Autotag from the tabs above and run it again. Now your new tag will be in place


Thank you so Much! It worked


Is there any way to sync my tag to the beats? It kinda sounds weird when it play the tag randomly, since it ain’t¨synced to the beats tempos.


'Fraid not. You will need to do this manually in your music editing software and upload them individually in Beats > Upload > Tagged


I’m clicking on the settings tab and it automatically brings me to my subscription. do I have to upgrade my account to change my custom tag?


Hi @FLXproductionz yes, you need to be a gold or platinum member for this feature. All free members have the default myFlashStore Tag


I uploaded My custom voice tag but it’s not working. Just keep getting the default"My flash" tag. I need help asap!!!


Hi @getitrightmusicmaker, now that you have uploaded your tag please go to Beats > My Beats > (Display All) > Select All then select ‘Autotag’ from the tabs above. Then run the Autotag and this will replace the default tag with your uploaded tag

Let us know if you still have any trouble with this


i cant just tag them myself and load them with the tag i did in my cubase ?


because i put the tag in certain spots i like to have them played through out the beat…?


Hi @delavega. Yes, you can upload your tagged beats, the Autotag is for convenience, but you can replace this with your own tagged beats by uploading them in Dashboard > Upload > Tagged


Ok. So I uploaded like 40 beats that have tags in beginning. I now uploaded a tag for my beat store but it only plays on new beats I uploaded. I guess that is the auto tag function. I don’t want the auto tag I just want the beat store to play my store tag I made my self. Please tell me I don’t have to upload all my beats aging to have the full beat tag to play on them :frowning:


@Goalhitterz are you referring to the default myFlashStore Autotag? If you’ve uploaded your own tag, you can overwrite the default one by selecting your beats and running the Autotag again. Autotag will always use the tag uploaded by the user, unless there isn’t one, then it will use the default myFlashStore tag


Thank You. Everything Is Fine Now :slight_smile:


When i add a new beat tag it wont play when i erase a beat tag it stills plays over my beat. This Airbit thing is confusing. Not as user friendly as others


So do you have to have platinum package to do a edit on your voicetag such as turning the volume down and make it not go repeatively play throughout the loop of the song? mean play back to back so close together.