How do I add a voicetag?


How do you turn down your voice tag when i turn it down it stays the same volume. How do you silence voice tag?


Hi @Daekei. Any editing of your voicetag must be done in your DAW before uploading. You can add silence to it to space it out - e.g. if you add 30 secs of silence after your tag, it will only be heard every 30 seconds

Once you’ve done that, then re-upload it in Dash > Settings > Voicetag and run the Autotag to create new tagged versions to replace the old ones

Both Gold and Platinum members can upload custom voicetags, free members cannot


I would like to upload a tagged beat but when I click upload it says "Untagged Beats Only"
I also tried “change upload type” but nothing happens.
How can I upload beats with the tags already placed?


Hi @benlebron, you are seeing this because you have not yet uploaded any beats. You must first upload untagged beats in Dash > Beats > Upload > NEW, then upload your tagged beats in Dash > Beats > Upload > TAGGED

After uploading the tagged beat you will be asked to link it to the untagged beat

Please check out the full guide to this here: How Do I Upload Tagged Beats?

Please note - if you just want your tagged looped at a set period (e.g. every 30 secs) it would be best to use Autotagging to quickly create tagged versions for all your beats at once. Check out the guide here if you want to do this


It keeps telling me my file is too big but its an mp3 and 20 seconds long? any idea why this is happening


Hi @ProducerPublic1987, can you please send the file to so we can take a look for you?


trying to change my voice tag but it just keeps playing on loop tried adding one with a 25sec gap but it doesnt change, i need help asap thankyou


Hi @NewmarchProductions, after adding your new tag, did you then re-tag your beats? Beats aren’t automatically re-tagged when you upload a new tag, so you need to do this manually. You can do so using Autotag, which allows you to tag all your beats at once. We have a guide for this here Introducing Autotag


Good morning. I purchased a custom voice tag, and as I was making my custom voice tag, i did not leave 20-30 seconds of silent audio after or before the actual voice tag. Is there a way I can fix this situation, or would I have to buy a new custom voice tag?


Hi @EI2396

Thanks for contacting us for support. We are sorry to hear that you have faced this issue with your custom voicetag. This issue can be resolved by adding the 20-30 seconds silent period on your DAW to avoid the continuous repetition of the voicetag on your beats.

For any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us.