How Do I Add Files Or Replace Files On Existing Beats?


To add files to existing beats, or replace existing files on your beats head over to Dashboard -> Beats -> Upload

Click the ‘Replace’ option

Drop your files onto the uploader, or click inside the dashed box and select your files

Once your files have uploaded, you will be able to choose which beats you want to link the files to.

Select the relevant beat for each file and click Save

Click here to see how to upload tagged beats

Click here to see how to upload a new beat

How Do I Upload New Beats?

Add files not working for me. Upload mp3 is okay but if I try to add a wav file to that same beat it doesn’t let me. But if I upload a wav file by itself, it seems as if it’s creating a mp3 file as well. Need issue fixed Thanks


What happens when you try to upload a wav file in ‘Existing’?

When you upload a wav in Upload > New our system will automatically convert it to mp3 for you, giving you both files


But when the customer buys the beat are they getting a mp3 file without me uploading one since u guys are converting the wav.


@Worldrenown If you’re upload a WAV file as a New beat, then yes we convert to MP3 automatically. If you upload using the Existing option, then you’re attaching the WAV file to a beat that you’ve already uploaded.

You can choose what files your customers get in your Dashboard -> Licenses section.

Hope that help.


But how do you attach the WAV file to the beat so that when a customer buys that license option the wav will send as well.


Once your upload is finished (in Beats > Upload > Replace) you’ll be asked to link it to a beat - this is where you choose the mp3. Then, as long as you have created a license that allows for the wav to be sent was well, this will be sent automatically

If you upload the wav first (in Beats > Upload > New) you won’t need to link it, and it will automatically be sent with the license that allows wav files to be sent


I just replaced 3 beats because i remastered them. But when i go to my beat Page to preview them they are still the old versions :weary:?


@MonosBeats you need to also replace the tagged version, as this doesn’t happen automatically. If you run Autotag, this will create new tagged versions using your remastered MP3


Oh thank you :grin::ok_hand: Didn’t think about That!