How Do I Connect my Facebook Pixel to Airbit?

You can connect your Facebook Pixel to your Airbit account to track sales conversions from Facebook Ads. Whenever you make a sale, we’ll use your Facebook Pixel to send a message to your Facebook account to notify of a sales conversion, so you can truly test your ad performance.

To learn more about Facebook Pixel’s and how to create one, visit this article on Facebook

Once you have created a Facebook Pixel, you’ll need to extract the Pixel ID from the code that Facebook provide you and enter it into the field here (Dashboard -> Integrations -> Analytics/Tracking).

The image below shows an example of a Pixel tracking code, with it’s Pixel ID highlighted in blue. The ID appears twice in the code but you only need to enter it once into the corresponding field. Do not enter the entire Pixel tracking code

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Does the pixel just track when you get a sale? I was wondering if it also tracks “add to cart” in our beat store.

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Hi @SkateboardBeatz. You can use the pixel to track various events, including add to cart - you can find out more here:

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On the Analytics/Tracking Page of the Dashboard there is only an area to copy our Pixel ID code.

Being that the HTML5 store is embedded on my wix page… where do i add my event codes like Add To Cart, Purchase, Search, etc., when i comes to implementing the various events on to my site (wix in my case)?

Do we plant the actual event codes on to the wix website using Add > More > HTML Code?

Or, do we need to implement it into the pixel base code like here

The the part that confuses me about that, is that the article states to change the 3rd section for ‘each page’. But all of our functions are done on 1 single page? please help

Hi @ A100DRUMZ, it should work by pasting the code into your base code, and as all your events are on one page you will just need to paste all your events codes onto this one page.

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Hi. Both methods that A100DRUMZ indicated do not work for me.

It doesn’t matter how I paste the code (adding event codes, or pasting in pixel base code), the pixel only fires when my web page is being opened.
So for instance, when I pasted the event “add to cart”, and open my page, the event “Page View” and “Add To Cart” both fire whenever I open the web page.

This is probably because all functions of the Airbit widget are in one piece of code, and I can’t paste separate events in there. This is the same for the Infinity store.

So in short, the pixel can only show page views, and sales. It would be great if there would be separate events for Play Track, Pause Track, Add To Cart, and Checkout. Since I don’t have the entire code for the store, I can’t add that.

Can these events be added to the code, so it is integrated (just like with Beatstars)?

That would be great.

Thank you,

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Hi @DreadPitt, we do plan on adding these extra events in future. There’s no eta on when this will arrive but it is on our agenda

Thank you. Hope it will be soon!

Its been almost a year and I have the same problem

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Have you figured how to how to add those even codes to the HTML5?

Did you figured how to how to add those even codes to the HTML5 beat store?

Hi @RojozProduction22 these extra events haven’t been added as yet. In the meantime, we recommend you integrate Google Analytics as this includes a large amount of data including traffic source, user interactions, etc. Please find a guide to integrating this here:

We appreciate your patience whilst we work on new features

Slacking! It’s been almost a year! But I’ll look into Google Analytics

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Can we track more than one pixel? I have a main pixel for all sales but another one for a specific funnel. Instead of just one. Please make it so each instance of a player can actually have its own tracking pixel.

Hi @Jusebeats

Thanks for contacting us with your inquiry. I am glad to see that our team has addressed this inquiry for you via email.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.