How do I get my exclusive contract


Still trying to get my contracts from when you were the flash store, attach is the email confirmation of the purchase.

Hi marcedus collins,

Thank you for your order with Kita On Tha Track, here are your download links.

Order Information

Order Number: 110216-5284064
Order Date: 11th Feb 16
Total: $49.98 USD


“Bounce & Bubble Riddim” by Kita On Tha Track (Exclusive) - $19.99 USD
Download MP3 - Download Contract

“Roman’s Back” (Nicki Minaj Type Beat) by Kita On Tha Track (Exclusive) - $29.99 USD
Download MP3 - Download Contract

If you ordered Exclusive licenses, any contracts or project files may be sent separately. Thank you for your order and we hope you enjoy your purchase.


Kita On Tha Track

I received the downloads some weeks ago, the exclusive contracts will not download, you can see I purchased them exclusively from this email. If you can please resend them I would appreciate it. I have other tracks, I purchased from you, which I see what your exclusive contracts details.
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I also can not access or get my contract for this link either


Hi @marcedus11081 we’ve emailed your contracts to you. Please check your inbox when you can