How do I integrate my email marketing with Airbit?

To link your email marketing with myFlashStore, you’ll need a Mailchimp or Aweber account.

  1. First head to Dashboard -> Integrations -> Mailing Lists

  2. For Aweber, click the green button to link your account, and give permission for access.

  3. For Mailchimp you will need an API key. To generate this key, follow this guide

  4. GetResponse also requires an API key. This is done in This is done in My account > Account details > API & oAuth. We have a full guide & video here:

  5. Once you’ve done either (or both) of these, an email will automatically be sent to your customer asking if they want to join your mailing list after a successful purchase


I have my MailChimp account linked with Airbit and I have it set to for my newsletter. I have my free downloads set for email signup. Everytime I download a free beat to test, it doesnt ask me to signup for my newsletter. It does ask me for my name and email though. Is there something Im doing wrong? Or is there something Im missing? Please help me out. Thank you.

Hi @CryBrd, I just tested this and received your signup email as normal. The signup email will not be sent if the email address is already linked to the list in anyway (either as an admin, or as a subscribed user). Please try using a different email address - one that’s not already subscribed or linked in anyway, and let us know if you still don’t receive it

Remember to check junk/spam folders

I tried that and it worked. It sends my newsletter subscription, but it does not send the download link. It will only send the download link if I go back to store and download after I subscribed to my newsletter. Is there a way to fix that?

@EllisHouslin does airbit support any other email marketing providers as well or only aweber and mailchimp?

@CryBrd the emails did send, as you can see from the image below. They shouldn’t go to junk/spam as the other emails did not, but have you checked there just in case?

@SoulTies - We currently only support Aweber & Mailchimp integration

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It’s working now. Thank you for the help! I appreciate it.

hey i haveing a problem as i have some download emails that are not going to my newsletter in mail chimp. i have them link together with my newsletter set to On. but all the emails in cvs i download to check if they are on my mailchimp list and they are not. it seems i am getting the emails but only for me to download from airbit an then have to manually put them in my list. how can i fix this?

oh an im talking regarding free downloads

Hi @delavega. Mailing list integration operates on a double opt-in method. This means that users aren’t automatically added after downloading/purchasing from you. They are automatically sent an email asking if they want to join your list, then they must accept to be added

So even though people have downloaded your beats, they may have chosen not to subscribe to your newsletter