How Do I Set Up Discounts?


Discounts are different to coupons. Coupons offer a certain percentage off of certain beats (e.g. 50% off) whereas discounts offer bulk deals; buying a number of beats at a set price (e.g.3 for $50). Follow the steps below to set up discounts

  1. Go to the Discounts section in your Dashboard and choose what your discount will be by choosing the number of beats from the drop down menu and entering the price

  2. Turn the discount ON using the blue button, and click Save

  3. Then go to Beats > My Beats

  4. Select which beats you are including in the discount by checking the relevant boxes

  5. Select the Discounts tab above your beats and click Include for the relevant lease

  6. Save your changes

Discount & Free Download Issues

Hi guys, is there a way to have the discounts take the higher price beat?
For example:
If we ran a Buy One Get One (or however many)…and we have beats priced higher/lower than another…like…

“Beat Name”- ($40)
“Beat Name 2”- ($25)

Is there a way to take the price of the higher priced beat first rather than the lower priced beat & they get one free? So take the $40 beat and then the $25 beat would be free…


Hi @kingkomo3, there’s currently no automatic way to do this (i.e. always give the lower priced beat for free) - you would need to set up a discount that offers 2 beats for $40. This would of course mean anytime two beats of that license are bought, they would be bought for $40


How do you do package discounts for one license but have multiple option such as mp3 option then mp3 and wave option, etc


Hi @Spinprod. You can only set your discounts for each license, and you can determine which files are set for each license. So you cannot have multiple options for one license

If you want to offer different deals which come with different files you’ll need (for example) an mp3 license, which has a package deal, an mp3 + wav license which has a separate deal, mp3 + wav + trackout with another deal, etc.


Ok I’m kind of new at this but what I’m trying to do is “Buy 1 beat get 1 free” I thought you guys would have something for that but yall sent me to discounts.I don’t understand if they buy something from me they should get the non-exclusive mp3 beat


@ducebeatz you can set up a buy one get one free by setting your discount to 2 beats for the price of one. e.g. if you sell non exclusives for $19.99, set your discount to 2 non exc. licenses for $19.99. This will allow them to purchase two beats but only pay the price of one