How Do I Upload Tagged Beats?


What are tagged beats?

Tagged beats are simply beats that have your voicetag (watermark) on them. This is the best protection you can get when placing your music online, it will render the beats useless to any thieves. Tagged beats are used for streaming on your stores and can also be given away as free downloads on your stores too

What shall I upload first, the untagged beat or the tagged beat?

You must always upload the untagged beat first. After you upload the untagged beat, MP3 or WAV - a tagged version will automatically be generated by our system using your custom voicetag

Do I have to manually tag all my beats?

Not unless you want to! When you upload an new beat, a tagged version will automatically be generated thanks to Autotag. Autotag will use your custom voicetag if you have one uploaded, or the default myFlashStore tag if you don’t. If you have existing beats without a tagged version attached, you can use Autotag to tag them too!

It you prefer to mix your tag into your own beats and upload them manually, then you can still do that following the instructions below

How do I manually upload tagged beats?

To manually upload tagged beats head over to Dashboard -> Beats -> Upload and click Tagged. You can only upload mp3s here

Drop your tagged mp3 inside the dashed box, or click inside the box and select your file from your folder

Once the files have uploaded select the linked beat for each file from the drop down menu and click Save.

Click here to see how to add to existing beats

Click here to see how to upload a new beat

How do I add a voicetag?
How Do I Upload New Beats?

Upload tagged beats feature not working ,i upload tagged beat but there is no drop down box to link uploaded tagged beat to an existing beat or it’ll bring up an error message . Need help thanks


Hi @Worldrenown. Sorry about that, can you please provide a screenshot showing what your screen looks like after uploading the zip? Please make it a full screen image, taken from a laptop/desktop so we can see everything on screen clearly. Thanks


Does the file have to be a zip file to upload tagged beats manually.?


Drop down box doesn’t have beats available for me to assign the tagged beat to.


@Worldrenown no you don’t have to upload a zip, tagged beats are MP3 only, I think that was just a typo.

That’s strange why it doesn’t show the beat list, might be an Internet Explorer issue. Could you try using Google Chrome / Firefox and in the meantime we’ll do some testing with IE and see if we can replicate the issue and get it fixed.


Switching to Firefox worked. Thanks


HI, I just registered a few hours ago and I am trying to upload tagged versions of my beat that I tagged manually since the only untagged versions of my beats are the unmastered ones and I would like to be giving those for the leases, is there a way I can upload tagged beats without having to upload the untagged beats first? when I try to upload tagged beats I get the same window as @Worldrenown both on Chrome and Firefox


@TinoHitz it worked with my Firefox.


I think it will take a bit of time for me or its just a glitch on my part, I ended up jst uploading the untagged mastered version of my beat and then added in the tagged one too…and BTW which version should I upload in the untagged option? the mixed and mastered version or the mixed version?


Mix and mastered make sure its tagged tho. And how are you mastering it, And your process


Hi I have a free account, with 8 remaining uploads. When I to UPLOAD to upload the tagged version of my latest beat, there’s only an option to upload a new beat. Can someone please help me


Im also having the same problem. I have a free account and and theres no option to upload tagged beats


Free users cannot upload tagged beats as they can only have the default Airbit tag. Once you upgrade (Dashboard > Settings > Subscription) this option will be available to you when uploading