How do producers get their beats so loud?


I’ve been mixing for years but I’m having the hardest time figuring out how the top selling producers get their beats so loud without clipping.

I mix my beats to peak around -3db then I’ll throw on a limiter to boost it up for the tagged version of my beats.

Even when I put a limiter or a compressor on my master fader, my beats are still really quiet compared to other producers.

Can someone offer some tips on where I might be doing something wrong?


You’re relying on the limiter for loudness. Loudness comes from multiple stages in a mix. Believe it or not, a lot of loudness is achieved from CUTTING frequencies, not boosting them. You’re not able to go any louder because you’re boosting stuff you don’t need at the end of your mix, therefore you’re not able to push the limiter as hard without clipping.

Another secret is which frequencies you should be cutting. Everyone always assumes you have to high pass everything except the bass elements, which helps, but what people don’t realize is there are frequencies at the top end that need to be cut as well. I remember it took forever for soundclick producers to realize this. Everyone’s mixes sounded like they only knew to high pass everything during the days of Johnny Juliano and Superstar O. Gotta cut those unnecessary highs as well. From there you can compress the individual sounds and boost them up. THEN you can take the mix to the limiting stage and really crank that sucker. Otherwise you’re capping your space because your mix is too full.

It’s all about taking out what you don’t need and keeping what is important. And remember it’s not how the individual elements sound on their own. It’s how it all sounds together in the mix.

Some will tell you some crap like “Oh, well it’s because they are using better hardware equipment than your software.” which to an extent is true, but it’s definitely possible to get as loud without it and keep quality if you mix properly at each stage.

Also, check out TT Dynamic meter. It will actually measure perceived loudness (What our ears tell us is actually loud) rather than a basic db meter that shows the peak. Grab a reference track of some mastered tracks and check out their dynamic range compared to yours. That will help give you a guideline of what you’re actually trying to achieve rather than just looking at a number that says it’s peaking at -3db…that means almost nothing in terms of what you’re trying to do. You want actual perceived loudness (what our ears actually tell is loud or not).


I learned a few new techniques from youtube and that solved my problem. Got my overall sound exactly the way I want.

Thanks for your input.


just enough compression with a well thought out dynamic range will help.
another way of making something louder is making everything else quiter
hope it helps


I agree with them cutting frequencies and compression works wonder… But that still won’t get u as loud… Why? Because after the mix is done they add effects from a mastering program like ozone 8…
That’s what I do… I mix pretty well as it is but after I’m don’t for (Commercial Purpose Only) I add ozone 8 maximizer… Click the (Learn Threshold) option for the LUF’s Target.
If u don’t know what LUF’S is then do a little research and things will make since…
This should help wonders!!!


I personally have been using ozone’s maximizer’s for years. Definitely my favorite. Still, I think the op was already adding a limiter on his master channel and wasn’t getting the loudness they were looking for without clipping. If that’s the case, ozone’s still isn’t going to magically give you that loudness without clipping. Overall, it’ll take things like saturation, cutting freqs and compression before any limiting is done to get maximum loudness without clipping. I will agree ozone can make it louder than FL’s limiter, but the bigger factor is definitely the mix itself.


Most top-selling online producers just add a limiter to their master channel and that’s it. They set the out ceiling to - 0.3db and tweak the thresold if the beat is not loud enough after proper leveling. I use this simple technique as well and it works.

-Young Lepa

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Hit the nail right on the head.