How do you get rid of annoying myflashstore v tag?


I am sick and tired of the my flash store voice tag and I need someone to tell me how to take it off please!!!


The voice tag is there for your protection , so artist can not rip your beat.


The user should clearly have the choice whether they want the tag or not. If it annoys you, get another beat store that gives you that option.


Read the topic below for adding a voice tag.


I think it depends on the membership. The free account does not allow you to disable it ?? I forget but I was able to turn it off a long time ago.


You probably have to upgrade your account. Free accounts has the MFS tags over the beats. Upgrading allows you to use your own.


When someone buys the beat does this tag go away for them?


@yungalchemy the customer receives which file you’ve uploaded in Beats > Upload > New, so as long as this is untagged, they will receive an untagged version. The tagged beat is used for streaming only