How do you protect your beats?


Hey guys how is life?
My name is Alchemizt and I want to know how you protect your beats when they where used in the wrong way or illegally. What can I do to realize it (some automation)? And more important, how i am able to react ? Beats of mine are used in commercial ways but I never saw only one penny…



Hi Alchemizt and welcome.

You can put tags on your beats to protect them.

Listen to my beat here:

can you hear all the tags?


Despite popular opinion, tagging beats doesn’t always protect them, anyone with some sound software and the know-how can edit those boys right out, the best way to protect them to my knowledge is getting a copyright on them, I recommend watching this: (actually made by the blogger from airbit)


@Sbeekeht is actually right and wrong. Tagging helps BUT as he said if they’re smart they just cut around the tags (a little harder to do if you strategically place your tags). Also copywriting them won’t help either. I mean sure you got your beat(s) registered but its not going to stop anyone ripping them offline.

How much registered music do you have currently in your iTunes that you didn’t pay for? hmmm. Anyone sue you yet? Nah!

You just have to really get to the point where you just stop worrying about people stealing your beats and just say fuck it and start uploading.

If they get stolen (which they will, as do mine. Lol) then enjoy the free promo and if the song blows up then enjoy collecting all the revenue it has generated.

This is the internet man, once something is uploaded to the public its anyones game and anything can be stolen once online.

Roll with the punches and just make great music.


The best protection would be to keep them on your computer & never release them…lmao.

But seriously though, uploading beats to Youtube & SoundCloud is the worst thing you can do if you want protection because beats can easily be ripped & used without permission.

Using Airbit & keeping beats exclusively on your own website will offer the best protection.


Because Airbit gives you the option to hide the share button so people won’t have access to the direct link to any beat.

And it’s too hard to download beats without paying for them.