How does a good selling beatsite look like and what traffic sources works best? No beats sold yet


I have been producing beats for a while now and doing things like i have a website with a airbit player. I have a email follow up in mailchimp with 30 emails and i have also a leadmagnet offering 3 Free tagged beats.

Still i havent sold an entire beat yet. I have tried Fb advertising for clicks to my leadmagnet and contacting artists individually. I wonder which traffic sources have worked best for you and if i should offer free beats for signups? Should i contact artists individually and what things should i communicate?

Also if someone could look at my website and give some feedback that would be helpful and tell me what is missing. Here is my website:


Your site is fine overall but i noticed that the mailchimp popup on the free beats tab doesn’t close when clicking the x button.
Offering free beats in exchange for sign ups works but you have to get more subscribers and try to build a relationship with them by sending them free tips and providing value.
You can also try following artists (similar genre to yours) on social media - ig and twitter work well for that - and again try to build a relationship by liking and commenting on their stuff etc. You can also msg them and offer them deals on your beats.
I think you could also lower your prices a bit (eg to $20 for a basic lease instead of $29) and try offering some deals on your site such as ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ or similar.
You can also see what the top Airbit producers are doing and how they’ve laid out their sites to get some more ideas for your own site.