How long should my beats be

Hey all,

I’m trying understand the concept of what a buyer gets when they buy my beats. Do they get an entire song (trackout) all stems / a full length song? Or do they get a beat with a certain amount of bars?

  • so if a beat is a song, I know time is up to you (question is, does a “beat” in the context used on this service equal a song?
  • and where does loop come into play (is a loop an entire different product compared to a song?)

I’m not new to the music but I am new to wanting to sell my productions. Just want to make sure I know how to package what someone will want to buy.


Hi @mastermindz

Thanks for contacting us with your inquiry. I am glad to inform you that you may offer different types of licenses that come with different files. For example, you can set a license to only include the mp3/wav files and another license to include mp3/wav and trackouts.

We also offer selling songs with our Platinum account and sound kits, as well.

You can check out more about licensing at:

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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Recently I’ve come across an interesting article exactly on this topic on How to release Your Mixtape Correctly It has a list of recommended platforms, the way you should structure your project. I’ve discovered a lot from it. Take a look and I hope it helps.

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Thanks for that information- very helpful.

Thanks for that info- I’ll check it out.


Thanks for sharing amazing stuff, you can also listen your beasts from sound cloud and many more sites
but you shared amazing stuff thanks again