How powerful is your PC?

Tell about your pc, about its features. I will start: I have awesome Nvidia Quadro 2000 1GB GDDR5 SDRAM PCI Express 2.0 X16 Graphics Card. But unfortunately I can’t say the same about my hard drive. It’s almost dead

I have Nvidia video graphics card too but I don’t remember the exact name of it.
P.S. You should replace your hard drvie as soon as possible to avoid losing all your info. It’s hard to recover data from dead hard drive.

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I know that it’s necessary to replace it fast but unfortunately the shop where I used to buy pc details is closed now. Anyway I started looking for new one and already checked website wich provides hard drives/video cards and all other stuff.

I am about to upgrade my pc that currently has a sata 3gbps hard drive (250gb), would need to upgrade it to at least 1tb, was wondering could I also select a SAS-3GBPS Hard Disk 1tb option, I mean is it true that sas 3gbps hard disk drive would be faster than sata 3gbps hdd, and I can replace my sata with sas hdd. These options are under review sas hdd amazon & this sas 3gbps hdd here, if anyone could confirm, not a tech guy just exploring and listening from here and there, reading specs and other stuffs for time pass.