How To Automatically Accept Currency Conversions In Paypal (And Avoid Incomplete Orders)


If an order is placed using a different currency, Paypal will put the transaction on hold until you accept the currency conversion in your Paypal account

To stop this from happening and automatically accept all currency conversions, follow the steps below:

Head to Profile > Profile & Settings > My selling preferences > Block payments (click ‘update’ on the right)

Change the first setting “Allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold” to “Yes, accept and convert them to (your currency)

And you’re done! Sales will no longer be put on hold whilst they await your approval for a currency conversion

How to set up your PayPal account

Need help with pay pal


Hi @Gshakecia, how can we help?


Can you give me step by step instructions


Yes I need to set up paying Al or strips


We have step by step instructions to setting up Paypal here:

I’m not sure what you mean by “paying Al or strips” can you please elaborate?


Thank you for the step by step run down for the whole PayPal process I walked very slow and still stumbled threw but I think I got it :dizzy_face:


Great to hear, let us know if you have any questions!


paypal tells me … If you’re using IPN, you must update your scripts to handle payments in currencies other than US dollars. how do i do this ?


i have the same question. can someone help?


Hi @SUBBMUSICS @outsidermusic - sorry for the delayed response. I’m not familiar with this so I recommend you contact Paypal and they will be able to tell you what this means.


What are the costs to change currency? And will this just be substracted from the money for your beat? Or is there a scenario where you will lose money because of the transaction?


Hi @Willai there are no costs involved with this process :slight_smile: