How to Create Multiple Stores Displaying Different Beats


To display different beats in multiple stores is actually quite simple, you just need to create multiple configurations and make use of playlists - so you will need a platinum account for this

  1. Create a new playlist by going to Dashboard -> Collections, then click the green +ADD button

  2. Click Manage Music, select the beats you want to add and save

  3. Then create a new configuration, click Tabs and select your newly created playlist. For information on creating configurations, please click here

  4. Save your configuration and embed your code on your site. This store will now only show the beats on this playlist

  5. Repeat as many times as you like!

I made a collection but how do I sell it?

I’m trying to create a store for exclusives, but creating a different configuration doesn’t keep beats out of the flash store. I have a soundclick page which doesn’t allow the html5 store. Is there a way to upload beats but not have them visible in the flash store? Otherwise I’m thinking I’ll need another airbit account.


You can set the required beats to private, and add them to a playlist. Then set this playlist as the default tab for a new config, and these beats will only be displayed in this store

How do you share a song from the Beat Store?