How to make $5000+ a month selling beats online


High competition too many sites rank for it so the traffic gets split between all of them


You host it on your own domain




FIf you to know the best way t o sell your beats and instrumentals online then you can charge a more premium price and your popularity will increase by simple marketing. e.g If you’ve been making Hip-Hop beats and instrumentals for a while as now a days more people are making music now than ever before. You can charge what you want and change beats as quickly as you want. You can also control the flow of the beats, build your own brand, and do much more advanced music marketing techniques.


Thank you very much, I appreciate this knowledge!!


I present you my site i made:
You can find a tone of great beats out there!


Excellent article! Thanks for the great advice!


This article was written 3 years ago, I want to know right now in 2018 are you still seeing these type of numbers?


What productions are you talking about?


Would you mind letting me post this information on my website Maybe we can collaborate, I’d be interested in making you a featured producer on the site.


Why dont you use boosting of instagram I sell parts through instagram and my income is constantly growing