How to post mastered version in store, but send unmastered version to customer?



I am wondering how I can post the “mastered” version of my beat to be tagged and played in the music player, and have the “unmastered” version of the wav and mp3 be sent to the customer?

Also, is it possible to send the “mastered” and “unmastered” mp3 file to the customer when they select mp3 lease?

Please let me know how to go about doing this.



Hi @flyguyj, you can do this by uploading the unmastered mp3 in Beats > Upload > New, then upload your tagged, mastered version in Beats > Upload > Tagged

Your mastered version will be streamed whilst the unmastered version will be sent after purcahse

Unfortunately there is no way to send both mp3s, only the mp3 uploaded in ‘NEW’ is sent to the customer


Does the tagged file need to be an acapella?

Will this tag be applied to every beat I upload in the future, or will it only be applied to the specific beat that I choose?

I tried to upload an mp3 of the beat, with vocal tags on top of it, to be displayed in the store and I received an error message that this type of file could not be uploaded.

I am hoping that I can upload a unique tagged mp3 for each beat that I upload. Is this possible?


The tagged file should be your beat with the tag embedded into it. So you’ll have two versions of each beat - one unmastered, untagged beat, uploaded in Upload > New. And one mastered, tagged beat, upload in Upload > Tagged

You will need to do this for every beat. (There is a way to tag all your beats quickly and easily, using Autotag, but this will not be of use to you in this situation)

For the file that failed to upload, can you please send it to so we can take a look? And can you also try uploading a different tagged beat to see if the problem still occurs?


I am having a issue as far as uploading my master version. I followed the steps above and it still plays the Headroom Version. I will try deleting and re upload again to see if it works…


@ReezyTunez1 I recommend double checking you are uploading the correct files in the correct place, as people often mix these up when working with so many different versions of the same beat.

If the problem persists, please lay out your process step by step, including your file names, so we can try and spot the issue.


Okay so far what I realize is that When I upload the “Master Version” with my own tag or default tag. It makes my production quiet. My signature Tags are already on my production when I do the final bounces. I figured I have a tag running through the beats online. But if it makes my production quiet, I obviously don’t want that. If you guys can figure out a way around this let me know. Also I forgot to state One of the beats in my store has my custom tag playing through but THAT BEATS VOLUME didn’t decrease. However, the others when I Re-uploaded them, they all didn’t work…