How to set up your PayPal account


PayPal’s IPN and PDT setup helps to ensure that orders are fully processed both on PayPal’s side and fully captured in Airbit’s Order system. To ensure orders go through without issue, please follow all steps of this guide

Initial Setup

To start using PayPal with Airbit:

  1. Setup a Verified PayPal Premier or Business Account. If you have an existing Personal account, you can upgrade your account to a Premier or Business account free.
  2. Confirm your email address, which verifies the email address where PayPal sends payment receipts and account emails. (You might have done this already if you upgraded your account.)
  3. Provide and confirm your bank account information, which allows you to easily withdraw funds.
  4. Enter your PayPal email address into the Payment Settings in Airbit

PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is the primary means for PayPal to communicate payment to our server to ensure your orders are processed successfully. You must enable IPN for your orders to process automatically

  1. Log into your PayPal account and go to Account Settings → Website Payments → Instant Payment Notifications → click Update on the right-hand side (alternatively click here to go directly to the page, making sure you’re logged into your PayPal account before you click the link)
  2. Click Turn On IPN on the PayPal site.
  3. You will then be prompted for a Notification URL, which should be (Note: if you already have an IPN URL set for some other system then you can leave it as it is, Airbit will continue to work - it’s only necessary that IPN is enabled and any URL is set)
  4. Save your Settings

PayPal Payment Data Transfer (PDT)

Payment Data Transfer (PDT) is another way of PayPal sending our servers payment information for an order. This information is sent instantly after your customers redirect from PayPal to the order confirmation page, therefore we can check for a successful payment quicker than IPN alone and provide your customers will their order faster.

PDT differs from IPN (Instant Payment Notification) as IPN’s are sent in the background after an order, but usually it’s still instant. For best results and to ensure the most full proof checkout for your customers, you should enable both IPN’s and PDT. To enable PDT please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your PayPal account and go to Account Settings → Website Payments → Website preferences → click Update on the right-hand side (alternatively click here to go directly to the page, making sure you’re logged into your PayPal account before you click the link).
  2. Set Auto Return to On
  3. Add to the Return URL (Note: what you put here doesn’t matter, it is overridden by Airbit and customers are always redirected to an order confirmation page)
  4. Set Payment Data Transfer to On
  5. Scroll down & Save your Settings
  6. Go back into Website Preferences
  7. Copy your Identity Token (under the ‘Payment Data Transfer’ header)
  8. Go to and paste your Identity Token into the field labeled PDT Token in your Airbit Payment settings
  9. Save your Payment Settings

Please Note: You may have to set up your account to automatically accept currency conversions. This can be done in your Paypal settings. If your account does not automatically accept currency conversions, this can delay payment and beat delivery, as the transaction will be put on hold pending your approval of the request. Read the step-by-step guide here


My prices won’t show in the beatstore

Hi @Yentheproducer, if you head to your licenses section you’ll see that all your licenses are disabled, which is why the prices aren’t showing

If you click the blue ‘x’ as shown in the image above this will enable the licenses and your prices will show. Let us know if this doesn’t solve the issue

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I am new on your website.
I have a PayPal account but it seems that your website doesn’t recognise it saying that there are some errors.
My PayPal email is already confirmed.
Thanks for helping

Hi @McProphecy17, sorry to see there’s an issue connecting your accounts. Can you please email to tell us what Paypal email address you’re trying to use so we can look into this for you?

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Paypal account registration asks me whether I want to make my own HTML or if I have a ‘partner’ that already has that. do they mean Airbit when they say partner? or should I make my own HTML?

I don’t know. I guess it’s airbit, but connecting PayPal was first thing I did before everything else, I also did Stripe as well.I don’t understand. and don’t know what to do can you fix it? thanks


Hi Guys , i am new on the Block .


Paypal as of now has stopped giving premier accounts for my region. Without this, I am unable to create an account, as Stripe requires a business tax id. I cannot claim this ID because if you are simply an individual freelancer, or of a nature that doesn’t explicitly include a tax break, you are not a legal business, if I am correct.

Are there workarounds that are not seen? Is this just a bust and run since I cannot upgrade to a Paypal Premier account?

Hi @Repunter, as far as I know, it is not necessary to enter a business tax ID to set up a Stripe account - this is confirmed on Stripe’s website: Unless maybe it’s specific to your country?

And as far as I’m aware, producers (or their brand name at least) are recognised as a legal business, as they have to pay their taxes and therefore declare their income as a self employed businessman (laws and regulations differ in each country so you’ll have to look into your country’s specific regulations).

Unfortunately we only support Paypal & Stripe, so if you are having trouble using stripe, I recommend you either contact Stripe, or see if you are able to set your brand up as a business in your country, and therefore claim a business tax id, but again, I don’t think you need this

I’m just a young teenager in high school, producing decent beats, wanting to sell them. I don’t have a bank account yet. I want to upgrade my parent’s personal paypal account to business but it requires an ABN number (Australian Business Number). I looked up on how to get one and to get an ABN I’ll need to provide,

details of each person or organisation associated with the business (e.g. partner, director, secretary or shareholder)
proof of identity information such as name, address and birth details
business structure


I’m using my parent’s personal paypal account (which they allowed me access) and I feel like I would be doing so many wrong things filling in the form the upgrade to business account and applying for an ABN as I’m still in high school. Also are PDT and IPN required or just a business account? Do you need both PDT and IPN or just one of them. So does providing the email of a personal paypal acccount not work? Will you not receive any payments with just a personal account? What can I do?

Hi @ShackJarrow. To start with - yes you do need a PDT token and IPN, as this is how the beats are sent automatically. Without these, beats will not be sent after purchase (IPN is the only mandatory one, but the PDT token is highly recommended, as it provides backup if the IPN fails, which does happen from time to time). And yes you do need a business account, as you cannot enable IPNs in a personal account, so again, beats will not be sent.

I can’t advise you on the ABN as I know nothing about how Australian businesses work.

I see, thanks for replying, greatly appreciated.

@EllisHouslin I don’t own a business and I think Paypal needs my business number or something like that what do I do?

@TrueLegendary, Paypal looks slightly different from person to person, but as far as I’m aware, if you follow the steps in this guide, at no point should you be forced to provide a business number. At what point are you asked for this - what’s the last thing you click before being asked to provide this? And are you able to continue without providing it?

@EllisHouslin When I click on update to business paypal there no premium account only business account and clicking on it takes me to a form to fill inand on that form it says type in name of business and a businesse number I can’t leave it blank

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@EllisHouslin by the way do I need a businesse paypal account to sell beats on this site

You do need a business account to sell beats via Airbit so you can enable IPNs, which is what sends the beats automatically.

I created a business account a while ago as a test and wasn’t forced to enter a business number (as I don’t have one) so I’m not sure how that works I’m afraid. I advise you to talk to someone at Paypal as they can advise you better.

Also, if you plan to sell beats full time you will need to register your brand as a business at some point for tax reasons, so it may be worth doing that now. Tax & business laws & regulations are different in each country so you’ll need to research these in your country for specific details

hola sabeno encuentro la obcion para poner

I am trying to setup the PDT as instructed, but when I enter the Airbit URL( into the Auto return it keeps saying try again. Any Advise?