How to set up your PayPal account


The link you’ve provided has a space at the beginning, can you check to make sure there are no spaces before or after the link when entering it?


I’m getting an error when I enter the airbit url in the auto return, I made sure there are no spaces still says try again


@KotiBluEddYBandZ What does the error say? Can you share the URL you’re using?


Worked this time around. Thanks for your help.


its not giving an error anymore seems to be set up but now when a customer tries to check out with paypal it says cant complete this purchase at this time. Could that be because my account isnt set up correctly?


@KotiBluEddYBandZ it looks like your account is set up properly, so the error is probably caused by an issue with Paypal, or their Paypal account. If you have access to another Paypal account you can try purchasing a beat from yourself to test it out (I recommend setting the price to $1 first, to avoid Paypal fees).

I also recommend connecting Stripe to allow debit/credit card payments as well, so if anyone has an issue with Paypal they can complete their purchase without it. This is done in Dashboard > Settings > Selling Preferences


I have setup my IPN but when I click the link to setup PDT it’s taking me to the same IPN page. I need your help with this.


Hey @DoctorMelody, sorry about that - we’ve updated the link to take you to the correct page. Please try again and let us know if you run into any problems


Y’all gotta get on Stripe as well. So many producers missing out


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@YoungLepa completely agree. For anyone that’s interested in accepting debit/credit cards via Stripe, this is done by clicking the ‘Connect With Stripe’ button in Dashboard > Settings > Selling Preferences.


Hey, I am from Ukraine and we cannot make Business or Premier accounts in here.
Is there any workarounds for countries with no Business Paypal option?


Hello, I dediced to change my paypal email adress and then everything stopped. Customers are getting an error at the end of the checkout like it wasn’t set up right

I tried to update my selling preferences with the new adress and the new token provided and I made sure everything was done right. I don’t understand where it could come from?

Thank you for your help.


Hi @sumeenk, we’ve responded to your ticket, please check your inbox when you can


I don’t know how to register to paypal


hey i have successfully loaded the IPN
however PDT is no longer supported by paypal,
when i click to get to the page it just takes me to my profile with no selling tools


Hi @younggproductions, the PDT Token is still available when checked here, under Website payment preferences. As Paypal is different in different regions, it may not be available to you, but I would recommend double checking just in case.

The PDT provides backup in case the IPN fails, but it is not mandatory, so as long as you have IPNs enabled you should be ok


Hello! I’m from Greece. on the paypal account there’s no PREMIER option, just personal and bussines. I managed to turn IPN on, but there is no way to enable PDT. Is personal and premier accounts the same for my country?


Hi @Desbow, you don’t need a premier account (I think Paypal has removed this option now). A business account will allow you to do everything you need to sell with Airbit.

The PDT Token is not mandatory, but provides backup if the IPN fails. If you can’t create this following our guide I recommend contacting Paypal to make sure it isn’t located somewhere else in your settings (as the setup is slightly different in each region).


Hello, I do not own a business so I don’t think I’ll need the business account. Personal account allows IPN, will this personal account work with Airbit?


I contacted Paypal via e-mail & they conifirmed that my account is a premier account by the time I signed up. I post it here in case someone had the same issue & couldn’t find out. So premier account is the same as personal account in my country (Greece) at least. That’s why I could enable IPN at my personal account.