How to set up your PayPal account


Hi @Desbow, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, and thanks for sharing this, I’m glad you manage to get your question answered. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues


Good afternoon, my question is, will everything work with one IPN, without PDT? I have a personal paypal account, there is an IPN setting, but there is no PDT. In my country Russia there is no PayPal Premer, only two accounts are Personal or Business. A business can be opened only by a legal entity. I am not one of them.


Hi @Scorpion, the PDT Token is not mandatory and you can sell beats without it, though we do recommend it if possible as it provides backup if the IPN fails.

I’m not familiar with the regulations in Russia, but in the USA & UK an individual can have a business account, so if this is possible for you this is recommended, but not mandatory.


Hello, do I specifically use the link: for Paypal, or do I replace “/user/” for my own username? Thank you!


Hi @DansaBeats, use the link as is - don’t replace ‘user’ as this will cause problems with IPNs


I followed the steps & I get the message “Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later”. from PayPal at check out. Does anybody know of a solution??


That’s a Paypal error message so unfortunately we cannot diagnose it, however there are a couple of things you can check which commonly cause issues:

That you are automatically accepting currency conversions (Paypal > Profile > Profile & Settings > My selling preferences > Block payments (click ‘update’ on the right) > change the first setting “Allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold:” to “Yes, accept and convert them to (your currency)”)


That you’re not blocking encrypted website payments (Paypal > Profile > Profile & Settings > My Selling Preferences > Website Preferences (click ‘update’), then scroll down and make sure “Encrypted Website Payments” is set to ‘Off’.)

If you take these steps and still encounter issues, please contact Paypal and they’ll be able to look into this further


the IPN thing went fine but the PDT thing gives me trouble… cant find the option and the link sends me to settings


@SCORPION, have you solved the problem of PayPal’s binding? I am from Russia, how to contact you?


@R3L471V Paypal’s interface varies from region to region, so our guide is not 100% accurate for everyone. I recommend contacting Paypal and they’ll be able to tell you where to find this, then the application should be the same, once located.

Please note that although highly recommended, the PDT Token is not mandatory, and as long as you have IPNs enabled you can still sell beats


Why it is necessary to have business account? Can I sell beats with personal account?
I just have a problem with registering a business account.


@DeadInside the business account provides extra options such as enabling IPNs, which are necessary for automated selling. Some people say they can do this without a business account, however, Paypal is different in each region so we cannot verify this. If you can follow the steps in this guide without a business account you should be ok


No, I did not solve the problem. I just decided to go to beatstars


No, I did not solve the problem. I just decided to go to beatstars


If you solved the problem let me know how


I don’t see a IPN or PDT on my paypal account. What I do see is something called a Paypal API. Would that be the same. I switched my account to a business account a few months ago but I noticed at the top of my account settings that the settings page was an update redesigned version so I’m a little lost. I feel a little dunbfounded like dammit I can’t find it and I bet it’s right in front of my face.


Hey @JayFloPro, sorry to see you’re having some trouble with this. The Paypal API is not used by use so you can ignore that. Paypal does look different in different regions, so unfortunately we can’t provide exact steps for everyone.

Your best option is to either have a look around in your Paypal settings for something like ‘website preferences’, ‘selling preferences’ etc, to find these options, or to contact Paypal and ask them to direct you to IPNs and PDT Token.


@EllisHouslin Is it possible for me to just sell beats with only Stripe?


Sorry for the delayed response @PureTragic. Yes, you can link a Stripe account in Dash > Settings > Selling Preferences and sell beats without Paypal. You won’t be able to appear on our Marketplace as this requires Paypal, but you can sell from your personal store with Stripe


i did everything but my customers can’t buy anything


Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.