How to set up your PayPal account


Hi @Desbow, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, and thanks for sharing this, I’m glad you manage to get your question answered. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues


Good afternoon, my question is, will everything work with one IPN, without PDT? I have a personal paypal account, there is an IPN setting, but there is no PDT. In my country Russia there is no PayPal Premer, only two accounts are Personal or Business. A business can be opened only by a legal entity. I am not one of them.


Hi @Scorpion, the PDT Token is not mandatory and you can sell beats without it, though we do recommend it if possible as it provides backup if the IPN fails.

I’m not familiar with the regulations in Russia, but in the USA & UK an individual can have a business account, so if this is possible for you this is recommended, but not mandatory.


Hello, do I specifically use the link: for Paypal, or do I replace “/user/” for my own username? Thank you!


Hi @DansaBeats, use the link as is - don’t replace ‘user’ as this will cause problems with IPNs