Html 5store does not update


I created a collection, followed all the steps, yet my store does not update. I also changed the the general settings, changed the color of the theme, the changes show up in the preview window, but do not carry over to the store page even after I save configurations.


Hi @AkademyProductions

Thanks for contacting us for support. I have reviewed your stores for you and it seems that your collections are successfully uploaded and displayed on your HTML5 store ( However, if you are still unable to view the changes you have made, can you please try to clear you browser cache or use a different browser, as this could be a browser related issue?

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Why aren’t my collections displayed on the market place?


Hi @AkademyProductions

Thanks for contacting us with your inquiry about selling collections on the marketplace. Unfortunately, only beats could be sold on the marketplace, at the moment. However, we plan to introduce the option to sell collections on the marketplace in the future.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we always work on improving your experience with us.


Ok cool thanx for the response I look forward to putting my collections onto my market place. Also one more thing b4 I go will there be any updates to where we can post collections on our infinity page as well all I see are playlists that I can set up but I’m tryn to put a collection to sell beats on the infinity store.
Thanks in advance


Hi @AkademyProductions

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. I will also forward your suggestion to upload collections on the Infinity Store to our development team so that this feature could be addressed in our future development plans.

I will be sure to contact you on any updates regarding this feature in the future.