I am desperate to sell some beats!


I’m starting to get depressed, I’ve been doing this sht for like a year now, 0 sales on my store. Only sales I’ve gotten were from random artists hitting me up on soundcloud in which I paypal these fools and this happens once in a blue moon.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I market all over the place, I get plenty of plays on my store, I’ve even tried facebook ads… Nothing.

I’m about to just give up, maybe I joined the market at a bad time. I’ve worked very hard and have gotten no results. It’s sad, if anybody can help me my site is www.tlbeats.com

Whats not working I don’t know. I network, I post regularly, I’ve made hundreds of beats… nothing. Am I just unlucky? Are my beats just all trash? What tf is going on? How is it this hard to sell sht online? I just don’t get it. I’m almost of the first page for “buy rap beats” despite nobody buying my sht.

Somebody help I’ll do anything at this point to make some sales. Got up for the first time today thinking… wtf am I doing… mann if I dont make a sale by July im done, I should focus on something that actually works u know. (P.S.: I’ll sell my domain to anyone, im almost on the first page for some good keywords on google yahoo bing etc).

Any help would be appreciated


First off stop selling exclusive for them dirt cheap prices you want people to take you seriously but you take your craft seriously $60 is to freaking low that’s more like a wav or unlimited dont eff the game up cuz u want a quick buck


They don’t sell not matter what I price them at, if they’re not buying it at $59.99 I doubt they’d buy it at $100+? And do you recommend a price that actually has sold?


There was a story about a man that spent a ton of money on gold mining equipment. He dug for a year straight with no success. He was running out of money and only made his money back. He was discouraged so he decided to sell his equipment and go back home. The man he sold it to only had to dig for three feet before he struck the jackpot. Point is. Never give up. If you want it bad enough you’ll keep at it. Watch more videos on how to make beats, learn what’s popular and make something similar. It’s not about what you want. It’s about what the customer wants. You catch fish by throwing worms. Why?


Are you running facebook ads straight to your beat store if so stop doing that create a landing page and email list run your ads offering something for free in exchange for a sign up then use your email list to grow a relationship with the artist then offer them beats to buy make 80% of your emails free valuable content and 20% something to buy and be patient it can take years to get steady sales


I would raise those lease prices too average is between $20-$30


How are you driving traffic to your site and beats? Do you have analytics for your site so you can see your traffic sources, monthly visitors and so on as that can help you see where you should focus on, what works or not etc?

Also i couldn’t find an opt-in form on your site so i suppose you’re not building an email list of artists/rappers and so most will just visit your site once and never come back. It’s important to build an email list so you can provide value with tips etc and promote your beats, special offers etc to your subscribers and this way you’ll build trust and it will make it easier to sell your beats to them.

Being almost on the first page of Google is certainly good but in most cases you won’t get much traffic unless you’re actually on the first page and preferably in the top 5 positions or so.

Also i believe your site can be better optimized and i also have some more suggestions so if you need help with setting all that up contact me through my web design team’s website: http://musicwebsite4u.com


That’s how I’m feeling right now, I feel the most frustrating part is this final stretch. I’m really just in disbelief that it is so hard and I feel like there’s just something huge I’m just not doing.

I just feel it can’t be that hard to sell beats because I’ve sold other products online at almost a 15% view and buy rate. With beats I’ve brought maybe 1,000 + ppl to my store and havent sold a dam thing.

I agree though I know once I get over that hump itll be daylight but got dam this shts frustrating when you work all day and get nowhere…


I just hate emailing people. I really hope that’s not the difference between this working and it not. I just don’t feel like its necessary and I feel like emailing is just getting old.

I’d rather run an effective social media campaign or something like that. I don’t want to be one of those give me your email for 5 free beat mfs. That sht it just dumb to me. If you don’t like my sht I shouldn’t have to suck ur balls just to get your email so I can eventually maybe actually sell a $9 beat to you…

Also I see alot of top sites with just a store, no email collections or anything, that’s why I think its possible to not use it.

(tbh I’ll consider email marketing at some point i guess even though I think its weird and getting old…)


I dont know bro I’ve seen prices all over the board. I’ve had prices all over the board, nothing.

I might change it to this range after this month, I’ll give it one more month… I just can’t wrap my head around ppl not buying at $10 but buying at $20…


Whatever I can get for free, I obviously am not pulling money from this beat game lol.

I don’t have an email list, I don’t want to email market. Yes the goal is that #1 spot, everyone should watch out.

I think sales might come then but got dam…

I market like heck on YouTube, SC, Twitter, IG, FB:

Instagram TL Beats
FB TL Beats



I feel you on that but unfortunately we are dealing with people and they can be fickle,there is no such thing as an effective social media direct sales campaign because people dont go to social media to shop they go there to socialize so even if you are offering them something that they want and need your offering it to them at the wrong time in the wrong place so they will pass especially considering how many other people are bombarding them with services as well.what the email does is it seperates your message from all the noise and allows to communicate with your potential customers until you have built a know,like,trust relationship then they will buy from you. You dont have to give free beats away it can be anything of value information,mix a song etc


To piggy back on what @terryvibes is saying the psychology of a buyer states people have to be exposed to your brand 7-12 times before they trust you enough to make a purchase so even if you get great traffic and they all love your music they will still leave because they dont trust doing a transaction with you yet ,will you send them the right beat,are you reselling beats,what if some thing goes wrong,is their information safe etc being able to contact them allows you to overcome that by building trust first then they will buy


I have too but perception is everything if people see your prices are lower than the average instead of thinking i got a deal they think his beats must not be as good so you dont want to be the cheapest and unless your targetting only well paid artist you dont want to be the most exspensive either in the middle is more universall plus you dont want to attract the bottom feeders


I definitely feel you kid. Im bout 1 year and half into it and I actually sold no beats lol literally zero( well like 3). And Im invested also. 100 midi interface monitors souncloud pro all that lol. .

But my main point is that fuck the politics of selling online, its just knowing ya time coming. I love music so much at this point its like I love doing it to do it and for the competition. At the end of the day talent is talent, you might not sell not one beat the rest of the month, but have the right A&R heard ya beat yet? You bump into a hungry rapper and yall vibe and go crazy and do the Snoop and Dre. . Basically Im looking at it as longevity instead of “selling beats online”

Plus to be for real, internet is so big and broad, its impossible to just sell beats online, personal interaction is a must.


Lol Im am also desperate too btw. . One of my goals lately is collaborating with other producers.

Check me out: Soundcloud.com/wanitosoundz


there is such a thing as price-quality correlation. it’s not answering your question but there actually is this dynamic as sontwisted pointed out. and it’s very real.

I have had such an experience first hand. I was heading a small team of like 14 people that were selling products on christmas markets once. There was an item that was pretty but essentially crap. stuff you’ll find in 99cent stores. They were offering it for 7.99 but weren’t selling. When I arrived at the market I said, you know what we’re gonna double the price. Make it 15.99! If we don’t sell within the next hour, just change the price tag again and we’ll figure out sth else. Guess what. We didn’t need to lower the price. People started buying and buying and buying. After three hrs I ordered a part of the team to go back, get all the material and produce more of those vases right on the spot because we were running out of products. And we kept selling and selling and selling. it’s called price-quality ratio. I thought it was very risky to do so but it totally made ALL the difference. in that particular case. dunno how that works with beats but nipsey hustle sold almost 1000 mixtapes for 100bucks each within one day. mixtapes.
through his songs and videos he released before he created a lot of interest (buzz) for his persona, then he set up a pop-shop (for a limited amount of time!), pressed a limited amount of CD’s and sold them to the people himself. this way he made almost 100000 in a day… well “in a day” after rolling out a very clever marketing campaign. and of course, when he announced that he was selling mixtapes for like a 100 bucks everybody who heard of it was like “whuuuut. a mixtape for a 100. bro this shit crazy!” but everybody wanted to know what this was about.


Here is my store. HAve a listen https://airbit.com/share/Monster77/sleepy-joint .
If you likelet me her from you.


Thanks guys for all the suggestions, I definitely took those to heart and made lots of adjustments.

Still no sales but again a lot of recent changes…

For real though guys thanks, I will dedicate my first store sell to you all.

Let me know if you can think of anything else!! TL Beats



I feel ya man, I know my beats are good mixed and mastered fine but it is hard to believe not one sale. E-Mail marketing is huge which I am adjusting to. To me if my beat store doesnt take off atleast you are prepared for an A&R to hear your music or for licensing into film, tv, etc…Also giving free beats to people in your area that have a buzz is a good idea so your name gets out there. If you are prepared and are consistent good things will come, music was never meant to make money it is for creation and expressing ourselves. I totally feel where your coming from though