I can't upload my beats! ( You can't upload files of this type ) help


Hello everyone, I wanted to upload one of my beats as usual but it says " You can’t upload files of this type "
The file is a .MP3 file - 13Mb, i don’t understand and it’s annoying.


Sorry to hear you’re having issues uploading. Could you let me know what browser and operating system (Windows/Mac) you are using so we can look into it.

Please could you also email the MP3 to support@myflashstore.net so we can try uploading it directly to your account to diagnose the issue.


I’m using a Macbook pro and firefox mostly
Okay, I’ll send you the MP3


I’m having the same issues and it’s annoying. Uploading from phone on Google’s Chrome. Is that an issue?


@LuckyleeBeats can you please send the file to support@myflashstore.net so we can have a look? Are you able to upload from a laptop/desktop?


I’m having the same problem my MP3 files won’t upload to airbit wav files won’t upload as well