I can't use PayPal but still want to sell beats


I’m banned from PayPal for basically getting a load of bad feedback on eBay years ago.
I was using my flash with a friends PayPal but can’t now.

Does my flash store only work with PayPal?

And does anyone know of a way to sell beats without PayPal

Thanks in advance


I don’t know how smoothly the transaction will go through, but you can try linking a “prepaid” Visa gift to your account.


why did you get bad feedback on ebay?



You can try a few methods:

*** Note: I would try to contact them and see if there would be any negotiable way(s) to get cleared from their banned list before anything else.

  1. Pay anonymously through PayPal using a visa/credit card.

  2. Pay anonymously through PayPal using a PrePaid Visa Card

  3. Make a new PayPal account, if possible.

  4. Make a new checking account with your bank, new email, new PayPal account.

  • Last Resort -

Other than that, PayPal is the standard for digital currency and nothing else has seem to be more professional in that matter when dealing with online businesses.

Let me know if you’d like any further help with anything.


Mark | Mach Keys


I would agree with Mach Keys… but dont forget paypal will bock his IP if they havent yet already, so Skitzo, make sure to get a VPN, and you might want to buy a VCC to actually verify your new account when u make it… Paypal accounts are easy to create… Its just knowing how…


This is wrong, very wrong. I have a beat store that has multiple checkout (Credit Card/Debit & Paypal) 7 out of 10 times people use a CC/Debit to buy music from the store. I also have another business selling Wordpress music sites and have a dual checkout system there as well, an average of 70% of the people use a CC/Debit

Buying with a CC/Debit IS the standard, not Paypal.

Paypal also SOMETIMES requires the purchaser to open up a Paypal account before buying which in many cases can lead to lost sales. (Some people don’t want to open an account just to buy something)

The reason why people love Paypal is the relaxed credit check. Getting a merchant account to accept credit cards means you’ll need some or good to ok credit.

Anyway, sucks that you have your Paypal account banned, get on a system that gives you a payment processor choice. Best of luck.


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