I didnt receive money form sales


Hello. I have sold 2 beats a few days ago but i didnt receive the money from my sales ( or email from myflashstore about the order ) for a few days, and i have sold beat on 28/10/16 and 01/11/16.
On my dashboard , in the window " Latest Sales " I have information about sale , about buyer and stuff like that. And on “Earnings (USD) latest 30 days” that amount is included. But I did not receive the money.

Did you have a problem like this, what should i do?


yeah i just had a problem like this recent with two sales back to back


Do you have Stripe connected on your account? If so, have you checked your Stripe account for the funds incase the buyer purchased using credit/debit card?


stripe did a payout of 4.50 thats suppose to be in my bank account on the 8th of this month and its not there how do i fix this.


Hey @Worldrenown, please contact Stripe and/or your bank with this query, as transfers from Stripe to your bank don’t go through us so unfortunately we can’t look into this for you