I don't wanna go to your website


“I DON’T WANNA GO TO YOUR WEBSITE…Send me beats on my email”

I read that often on Twitter…rappers asking for beats and when you give your website they just DON’T wanna go on it! Just like…NO!

Funny because one of the rules we all know as producers is : setup our own website. It’s more professional, it’s a business. Don’t rely on soundlick…have your own .com

You like your website, you spent time on it but…you have these unfamous rappers who don’t want to visit it, just…because.

You know what’s funny? When they ask for beats on their email and untagged!

Sure, what else do you want? My girlfriend doing a BJ while you listen to my untagged beat?

I mean come on, we set up a website and we pay for a beat store to make everything organized…sometimes it pisses me off to hear/read a wanna be lil wayne : send beat to my email.

No way man…you go to MY website.


you nailed it on the button with this one lol, i get this attitude all the time.


There are leaches in the world. They will try and take everything you got and give you nothing for it. I have worked with a few of them in the past. And family members are the worse ones, they think they are entitled to a free beat. I tell them they have to pay just like everyone else. I have a family to support, and giving away beats is not in their best interest.

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Yeah I see that allot too. It’s funny, 10% is laziness and the other 90% is them hoping you send a “full lengh untagged beat” to their email that they can use without paying for. For me, if you can’t take a minute to visit a website for a potential product then I can’t take you seriously. But obviously like I said before, 90% of the rappers just want the beat to use for free that’s why they so “no website links, just send the beats to my email” You’re going to come across allot of rappers that have this “free beat only mindstate” These dudes want 32 bit tracked out WAV FILES sent to their emails with no intention of paying.


I usually just ignore those types. I shut my website down and will be taking a different approach to push my music.


Funny shit! Yeah… I had a Hiphop Artist the other day, hit me back after I checked his music, shot me his email address and wrote that he loved my beats and wanted to work with me. Which means he wants free beats (nawl, I just said you had a dope ass hook, the other shit need work). So, I told him to sign up on my page and I’ll send him 2 $5 beats his pick, he was like cool. No sign up. This is how you weed out bullshit. I’m a producer who actually like doing the album shit and will invest if I like the Artist.

But the funny thing about this is, either the beat store count was fucked up that day or the nigga was lying about he listen to my beats cuz my count did not move after I shot him my info. Some folks just want beats any way the can get 'em, for just in case!


What’s even funnier…these type of artists are THE most untalented “rappers” you can imagine!


^^ Word.


I mean I know we all do this shit for the love but its beyond that when it comes to business and thats what these artists need to learn and understand.




Alot of rappers with a buzz going do the same thing though, and its because for each one of us that says no to the bullshit, there are 10 other “producers” that will send them that shit with no hesitation.


This is true too.


I see this attitude a lot. These rappers are usually 15 and don’t Even have a paypal yet.

I love when rappers say “I’m working with (Famous Rapper) give me a few beats for exposure”


Good post! Most of these so called artists that pull that shit are whack… let’s face it… First off, who are you and why in the fuck am I suppose to send you a free beat with your 10 followers?? Exactly… Here’s what I do… I set aside maybe 2 hours a day to hit twitter and thumb through the bull shit…for those artists that say “I don’t do links or sites” I check their profiles. If they have a link to their music, then I listen to it. Occasionally you find a decent artist ( 1 outta 20 maybe)…If they have a contact email in their bio then I reach out to them offline. Again, I choose to give up time to do this because it can and does pay off. So if the artist is decent, I then send out snippets. Some beats are on our site and some are unreleased. 7 times outta 10 I get a response back asking “yo where can I hear those beats in full?”…BOOM!! Producer/Artist relationship started… Then I reply “Well you can hear the full versions here – (www.yoursite.com).” Since they asked me, you can bet they’re waiting for a response with a site so they can hear the full beats because yep, they’re interested. I think some of them just want that initial non spamming type of thing ya know… Alot of them see links as spam when you’re like “hey go here and listen to my beats”. How you handle it is up to you, but I can say I’ve sold many exclusives using this method, some even bought right from the website! So does it require some networking ? yes… Could it be a wasted of time? yes… But to me it’s all about building that relationship and it’s worth taking a few extra steps or extra minutes to sift through the whack artists and take chances… We all know if you don’t take chances in this business, whether its an investment, or a marketing ad or running a beat sale, you won’t be successful… Just my 2 cents yall… Keep grindin


It also appears to me that this trend is even increasing. The best way to deal with this is to ignore them.


There’s a way to get around those types of artists… It’s all in how you position yourself as a producer and the rappers you’re targetting… If you’re asking rappers to “Check out my beats…” you look desperate…

The key is to get them asking for your links which isn’t that hard or just do paid advertising… We did a whole webinar series on how to get artists to ask you for your links…

The shit I teach my team is so simple to duplicate and it get results…

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This is on point.

I like how [@LoklassProductions] addressed the spammy links in this post because it is a problem. Not everybody wants free beats.

Y’all should re-read the quoted post just in case you guys missed it.

On a side note, Producers be reckless with that sh*t forreal so I can see why some cats go about it that way.

Example of the recklessness:

I recently got a dm on Soundcloud from another producer telling me that he loved my style and to go to his site and pick out beats to rap on for free…

My account has 100+ beats and is like 95% instrumentals…




Yesterday This rapper said this : " Why you producers thing you can charge beats to anyone knowing that some niggas like me live in the hood? I work harder to feed my family and not hard to buy beats?"
Me Be Like : " If you can afford some Jordans because you live in the hood that doesn’t mean they will put it out for free "
Then he said : "Nice trick Re-selling beats"
Me Be Like: " It’s not a trick your artists need to learn about the business of music there’s a lot of shit you guys don’t know that why you say things like that ".

I mean some of these motherfuckers don’t know shit they don’t even know what royalties are what publishing is what benefits you can get by signing a deal and what are the disadvantages.
Resuming they don’t know shit and they think we don’t have bills to pay family to feed.
I think most of these rappers think that we are 13 year old kids that play with a computer and a fucking beat program.

Some of them be like I have a team of producers so I get beats for free now WTF?
If you have a team of producers go and make music with them ! Why u asking for beats if you have a team? you tired of them ?

Some of them be like $1000 for a feature and for bookings : xxxx@gmail.com Do they do shows for free? naaah they don’t because they are hustling

Resuming this producer and artists fight will forever be like this but we need to resists

I don’t blame people that put out free beats ! I do that my self but only when I feel like doing it and that’s a way of exposure if you do it right

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