I have a few questions regarding the Airbit Affiliate program



I’ve signed up to join the Airbit Affiliate Program and got a mail saying:

Once we have approved your account, you can login and retrieve your banner linking code

  1. I never got a new mail after this but I can sign in my affiliate account. Does this mean my affiliate account is already approved? Can I start sharing affiliate links?

  2. How can I create affiliate link for any beat which is uploaded on Airbit? For example, let’s say I want to share this beat with my affiliate link, how can I do that? What formatting should I use exactly?https://airbit.com/penacho/too-late

    This is my Standard Linking Code - https://airbit.com/2600.html

    I guess my affiliate ID is 2600

    Just sharing the homepage of Airbit website won’t be as effective as sharing URLs for specific beats.

    So, I just want to be able to share URLs of some beats along but I want to use affiliate links instead of direct links.

P.S. There’s a typo on ‘Affiliate Home’ page ‘oppertunity’ instead of ‘opportunity’ and training videos are missing.

P.P.S I’ve submitted a contact form via the contact page after getting the ‘Invalid Message’ error for about 34 times and at last I was able to submit it, but I haven’t got any answer from anyone, so I hope at least this forum isn’t dead.


lol do you work for beatstars.
Just kidding.

The affiliate program is for getting people to subscribe to monthly or yearly subscriptions.

This link here https://affiliate.airbit.com/account.php?page=35 explains how to send people to a specific page on airbit


If I did, this system wouldn’t be so aimlessly over-complicated…

I know, I just want to use beats from airbit to ‘lure’ clients here which makes sense and every affiliate program I’ve come across lets you do this simply by adding your affiliate Id to the URL

Thanks, but none of those options (option 1 and option 2) make sense to me in this context. Tried both options and couldn’t get to the beat by following the link.

And the Custom Tracking Links PDF is another disaster of a tutorial…

I have the resource to attract many clients to Airbit but they’re not making it easy

@EllisHouslin could you please assist?


Hi @BeatsByPolar sorry for any confusion caused in setting up your affiliate account. To answer your questions: Yes, your account is approved, and you can start sharing affiliate links.

Unfortunately adding your affiliate ID to a URL will not create a new affiliate link, instead it will create a URL that doesn’t exist and therefore won’t work (e.g. https://airbit.com/penacho/too-late > https://airbit.com/penacho/too-late/2600).

Because buying beats and subscribing to Airbit are separate things, you cannot earn commission/get people to sign up by just sharing a beat, and only the affiliate links provided can be used to earn a commission.

If you want to use beats to attract people, the best way would be to create a landing page that has your beat store on, and include a signup banner/button with your affiliate link on this page. Then you can drive traffic to your landing page and have people sign up from there.

I hope this helps, let us know if you have more questions