I hit $3000 + in sales last month! (VIDEO)


Hey whats up my fellow producers!

My name is Clark Make Hits of http://clarkmakehits.com

I have been producing since 2012 but I have been doing music since I was 5 years old.

I just going to sum up who I am really quick since I have a video detailing everything

I am:

  • A college dropout

  • Self taught muscian (Piano, guitar and ukulele) :slight_smile:

  • A person who’s family did not support them

  • A producer who had to pay for information (and misinformation)

  • A producer who has failed a lot over the years

But now I :

  • Am at the top of the Airbit.com charts every week consistently since October (look me up)

  • Just hit $3000 in sales in the past 30 days!

I say this not to brag but to show you all whats possible!

Check out the video where I detail everything below:

Subscribe to the channel I will be coming out with a lot more tips!

And let me know what you think on this forum post and in the comments on youtube!



Honestly...how are beat sales going for you this year vs. last year?

This was a squeeze page video, thought you were actually gonna share how you did it?


This is just the foundation. I’m gonna be coming out with a lot more videos in the near future detailing the methods that I use. Its just show just showing proof of income and telling my story.


I can tell by the number of plays and followers that you’re obviously doing something right and I will assume that has everything to do with ads and marketing. I checked out your site on the love, wondering if you could check out mine. Open for any and all feedback that you may have.


I checked out the site beats are dope! The site layout is extremely professional, but I think you are lacking in 2 big areas,

  1. You don’t have nearly enough beats for anybody to take you seriously

  2. You don’t have any social proof.

On my site I have testimonials, and a comment section where people can big me up. You’re business seems professional but it seems like no one is shopping with you. I seems kind of dry. Like a desert lol (not trying to be offensive)

Get a comment section and tell your email list (assuming you have one) to comment and ask your previous customers for testimonials to put on there.

Also get your catalog to at least 100 beats. I put out like 7-10 beats a week, I know thats not an average pace for most but I’m tryna get bread lbs. And it works for me

You got it bro if you need anything we can always set up a call 7736095458.




Looking forward to see your following videos. I know I could use some tips to get my airbit/beat-selling going.
I’ve just started using airbit, but I have been producing for 10 years + on and off now. Can’t wait to get my first beat sale! :slight_smile:


Make sure you subscribe to the channel and get that free drumkit so you’ll stay updated! Keep pushing bro you got it! That feeling of that first sale is crazy lol.