I made a collection but how do I sell it?


I made a beat tape collection, but there is no option to actually get a link to share, and it doesnt appear in my store?


Hi @kimothebeatmaker you can display your beat tape by creating a tab for it. This tab will be displayed in your store then customers can click it to view and purchase the beat tape.

Please find a guide to creating store tabs here: https://airbit.kayako.com/article/87-how-to-use-store-tabs


Nice! Ok, so how do I share a link to a specific collection like I can with single beats?


To do this you’ll need to create a new configuration and set the collection as the default tab. Then you can share a direct link to the store, so when people click the link they’ll be taken to that store displaying your collection.

Your direct store link is found under the ‘Embed Code’ tab in Dashboard > Music Stores (create a new config or select an existing one from the drop down menu).

This guide contains all the steps needed to achieve this: How to Create Multiple Stores Displaying Different Beats