I Need Serious Help With Mixing!

For some reason in fl studio i can never get a clean mix. I’ve been making beats for a year now and i don’t think my mixes sound good. I know im supposed to use monitors to mix but im a student in college and they dont allow big speakers. I use a pair of Beats Solo. When i mix do i keep the volumes low or high? Do i EQ and compress all of my sounds? What amount of dB should i aim for so i will have room to master?

I’m a student engineer as well, but have about 4yrs of production experience by now prior to enrollment.

Best advice I can offer is to work with what you got, and to constantly work on your craft, unless you’re willing and looking to hire someone else to do it for you.

Try to tackle it as if you were a consumer or listener, experimenting with the volume controls.
You want to mix it so your listeners and potential new fans can hear all the different frequencies and sounds, without having to adjust the knob at a pleasurable level.

As far as using effects and signal processors, it’s based on your personal creative approach by what you’re trying to achieve.

Good levels of volume (dB) are based on the kind of mixer being used. If you’re using a mixer with one or no bars of a yellow/gold range, then it’s best to keep the master mix level at midpoint green or right before it turns yellow/gold. However, if you’re using a mixer with a yellow/gold range of multiple bars, then a solid master mix level would be no more than 3 bars or strips in the yellow/gold.

Keep in mind that this applies to both analog and digital.

I hope this answers your questions clearly,

Mark l Mach Keys

The secret to good mixing is parametric EQ leave the regular eq to minimum or only as needed, and to keep the vol of each track at at lower then 3db including the master bus. Then and only then can it be mastered properly making it louder and clean at the same time

It’s all in the ears.

It takes years to get really good at mixing. Mixing is a whole other ball game it’s not like making beats but it comes from trial and error knowing your monitor’s knowing what to do and not just using plugins for the sake of using plugins. Keep praticing and u will get better with time. In the mean time you might want to have someone mix them for you

Try using Parametric EQ 2 to not have one sound interuppt the other. it shows what are the sound impacts the most and what impacts the least …for exaple if you have 2 sounds that are in mid base level… like Hits and bass… try to lowering down the hits using EQ