I need some old school Hip Hop Beats


Hey, guys, I am trying to get some old school hip hop beats, if anyone is a producer and would like to hook me up with a beat please let me know, thanks!

If you wanna hear my tracks, I have 2 from a while ago on SoundCloud anyway hope to get some cool beats and some people to work with.


You can check my Player on http://www.d-funk-music.de/beats/
I got some!



Check out my beat “Foreign”


Go to http://maseedproductions.com, go some joints on there. Check for N-Luv and I got some others to choose from, depends on what style you need.

Get at me.




Hi visit to plutonybeats.com There are some old school beats


I have a lot of old school beats in my beatstore.

Here you can find my old school beats (8 pages only with old school beats):

And here are all my beats for sale http://www.insane-beatz.com

I hope this helps you out!

if you have any questions you can contact me at insanebeatzztv@gmail.com


I got that www.hedzhigh.com


Hey what’s up man. I see you want an old school beat. My beat “93 Brooklyn Days” is a great old school sounding beat. Check it out!



Check me out https://www.myflashstore.net/widgets/html5/?uid=82258&config=134822


1 new beat on my.flashstore right now. Search me now. Ceazacj


Yo, I got some old school boom nap beats, check out my you tube

Email me on mattjewell847@gmail.com if ur interested


Check this out I’m sure we can work something out.


Check out https://www.myflashstore.net/profile/106161-down-dug or Downdug.com, I’ve worked with plenty underground hip hop artists in the past. Thanks for checking.


Go to my website and check out my beat “Sure shot beat #4” … http://www.djfranknice.com


What’s good bro I got a few old school style beats with a hint of chicago in em. Check out my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/soprano-productions


I got the perfect sound for you my brother. Check this out. Soundcloud.com/dereckamaury


i got boom bap style if you want to check them out , listen to crime files; https://www.myflashstore.net/marketplace/aceisback


You can find many old school authentic hiphop beats here at www.ezybeatz.com


Here you go. Hit me back.